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The Effect of a Death
Mon Oct 2, 2006 2:24pm

Truth be told, she had never really known Lalail Tecrin. She had known of the woman, of course, an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah raised shortly before herself, as girls they had been novices and then Accepted together. They had even shared classes on occasion, each taking no more than passing notice of the other at the time. Yet, had she seen her in the hall Terrian likely wouldn't have been able to put a name to her face, much less bothered herself to say hello as she passed. Now however, the woman's brightly smiling face was burned in the Green sister's memory as she would never forget as she would never see again. In her hands, she held an account of the violent, senseless death of Lalail Tecrin Sedai. The report had been channeled to her as an 'expert' on Amadicia, although the fact that Lalail was dead was slowly becoming known throughout the Tower residents. Yet, life went on. It had to. Those who had known Lalail well would say that she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. "Grieve for my passing if you must," they would quote her own words regarding what should happen if she were to die, "but when I die I would prefer that you instead smile and celebrate my life."

Hazel eyes glistened with the wetness of tears that would go unshed as her gaze skipped down the page, unable to avoid taking in the almost disturbing amount of detail the informant had included on the manner of Lalail's accident and eventual death at the hands of the Children of the Light. The Eyes and Ears agent also conveyed his deepest and most sincere apologies that he couldn't find the information soon enough to save the Aes Sedai's life; to get word to the White Tower that a rescue was needed. Apparently, Lalail had been near Amadicia but not quite in the nation's borders when her horse had been spooked and threw her. She was injured and the horse ran. She was lucky to be found by anyone, but unlucky that that anyone was a patrol of the Children of the Light who recognized an Aes Sedai and saw fit to bring her in even though she was not in Amadicia. The rest was a tale Terrian would rather not think about. Still, this report should be passed on to the Blue Ajah and under her cover as a Clerk she had the authority to at least recommend it.

Terrian wished now she had known the Andoran Aes Sedai better; that they had spoken more as novices or Accepted. She wished she had known her well enough to feel more than detached sorrow at her loss. When had she become so desensitized? When had the loss of life ceased to mean something to her as it once had? There had been a time when any such senseless death would have made her weep, but now she could barely summon the hint of tears. The White Tower had lost a genuinely good woman senselessly. It wasn't her cause or the fight against evil that killed her. No, Lalail had simply been unlucky; she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. How was that fair? Where was the justice she had dedicated her life to as a sister of the Blue Ajah? Perhaps, when the Wheel again wove her thread into they great Pattern, Lalail would have her justice. Perhaps someday in an Age yet to come some incarnation of the Aes Sedai would be able to have the life such a good person deserved. Until then, Terrian prayed that her soul may find peace, sheltered by the hand of the Creator.

Life was too short, even for those who could live centuries, to take things for granted. Terrian understood that now more than ever. She had taken Lalail for granted; always believing that even though she really didn't know her now there was time to get to know her in the future. That someday she would finally be able to know her as a friend. Now it was too late. It was time to stop avoiding things, to stop living in fear of what might happen and seize each moment as it came. After all, if could all end in an instant, and she had to die she didn't want to do it with any regrets. It had taken the rare, unexpected death of a young Aes Sedai to teach her that.

Save for a simple, long white ribbon tied around her right wrist, Terrian Dy'ner did not mourn the passing of Lalail Tecrin. She left her apartments with a smile on her face. Today she celebrated not only Lalail's life, but life in general. Just as Lalail would have wanted.

OOC: This was inspired by the death of a girl I went to school with. Friday was my high school's homecoming game and she went out afterwards. On her way home, her car was hit head on by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the highway and she was killed. I didn't really know her beyond the fact that I knew she was in my grade, which was my inspiration for most of Terrian's thoughts in this post and in turn really inspired all this. In fact, they're mostly my thoughts. Her friends all say she was a really happy, friendly, funny person and she will be missed by a lot of people.

No response is necessary, I just wanted to send this out there and maybe remind people that there is absolutely no reason to drink and drive because innocent people get hurt.

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