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Dark Opportunities (Attn: Stella!)
Mon Oct 16, 2006 3:54pm

Kipcha al’Shain was in a bad mood. Today, the gardens surrounding the White Tower didn’t seem as cheery, as calming, as they had before. Even the stables, the place she had been most able to find solace since she came to the Tower, lacked that. She sighed, looking around the small cubicle she had for a room in the White Tower. The walls of the room seemed to close in on her more and more each day, making her life in the Tower a torment.

You only have to wait, she told herself, Until you are Raised to Aes Sedai. Then, oh, then, you can go out upon the world and do the Great Lord of the Dark’s bidding. Her tanned face split into a smile. The Great Lord had been good to her, providing her with the strength to leave her father, the strength to persevere at the Tower, the strength to stay strong, even amidst the trial that was Kiani al’Jaqhar Sedai. Damn that woman for a light-blinded fool! She was still trying to get information out of Kipcha, trying to track down all the Friends of the Dark in the White Tower. Good luck with that one, in Kipcha’s opinion. Though the dark-haired Saldaean Aes Sedai had her nearly cornered, Kipcha was unwilling to give her any relevant information.

Kipcha tied her long blonde hair back in a simple tie, glad to get it out of her face. With her hair tied back, her angular face, with its hooked Saldaean nose and tilted bright green eyes was thrown into sharp relief, its lines making the normally mischievous face seem pleasant to look at. She was honestly surprised at how the change worked, how it seemed to make her sweeter than she looked. On the outside, she was tall, so tall some might call it awkward. It hid the darker nature that was held within, and for that Kipcha was thankful. She didn’t want anyone to know her true calling, her true loyalties. As long as people saw her as an obedient Accepted, she was all right.

The rustling of something sliding underneath her door snapped Kipcha out of her reverie, bringing her back to reality and making her focus. Long, slender fingers, more adapted to a harp, or for healing, than to doing hard work, picked up a letter, caressing the familiar parchment of the Tower. “You are to be a mentor,” Kipcha murmured. A mentor? A slim black eyebrow rose on her head. This could be interesting. A mind to mold to the Dark, perhaps? It could work out to her advantage, it was true. Smiling, she went downstairs, her green eyes glinting with their usual mischief.

Once down in the courtyard of the White Tower, Kipcha noticed a new arrival, looking very lost amidst the bustle of white Novice dress and the banded white dresses of Accepted. She adjusted the Great Serpent Ring on the third finger of her left hand, twisting it so that the head biting the tail was prominent on her hands. Approaching the small girl, Kipcha couldn’t help a small smile from crossing her face. A new face, a new opportunity.

“Can I help you?” Kipcha asked, stepping up to the girl, who, she noted wryly, was as tall or taller than she was. “I am Kipcha al’Shain, Accepted,” she said.

OOC: there ya go!! This can be your introductory post, and the beginning of our string, all in one! I hope to have fun with this!

    • What to do, what to do...Stella Celesta, Novice, Tue Oct 17 1:54pm
      Stella twitched her skirts irritably, glancing around at the bustling Novices and Accepted around her. Every so often an Aes Sedai would walk by, and Stella would once again practice her curtsy –... more
      • Continuation of What to do, what to do...Stella Celesta, Novice, Tue Oct 17 3:31pm
        Remembering her manners, Stella added, "And I'm Stella Celesta, from Shol Arbela." She didn't think it was necassary to state that she was a Novice - the Accepted already knew that. OOC: Heh, sorry... more
        • A Walk in the GardensAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Wed Oct 18 3:04pm
          Kipcha studied the girl overtly as she turned. The girl was tall, much taller than herself. She was also already in the whites of a Novice, so she had undoubtedly been there for a few days, at least. ... more
          • Lots to LearnStella Celesta, Novice, Sat Oct 28 6:17pm
            Kipacha led her away from the courtyard, for which Stella was very grateful. A faint blush tinged her face from her own awkwardness. The Accepted was polite enough, but Stella couldn’t help thinking... more
            • EmbracingAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Wed Nov 15 2:35pm
              Kipcha breathed in the calm, quiet air in the gardens. By the Great Lord, but it felt good to be outside again! There were too many days when she was caught in the tower, caged like a bird unable to... more
              • A Red RoseStella Celesta, Novice, Mon Dec 4 2:24pm
                Stella quickly forgot her embarrassment as Kipacha began answering her slew of questions - My dear? she couldn’t help thinking, How old am I, ten? - but she swallowed the information like a sponge.... more
                • The ElementsAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Mon Dec 11 3:21am
                  Kipcha watched Stella’s struggles with baited breath. What if the girl couldn’t do it? But, then again, if she couldn’t do it, why would she have been sent to Kipcha in order to be taught to embrace? ... more
                  • The Last StepStella Celesta, Novice, Sun Jan 7 9:35am
                    Stella watched Kipacha’s weaves, half eager to try them herself and still half stunned that she could see them at all. Each thread of saidar looked beautiful, all unique yet similar. She grinned in... more
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