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A Walk in the Gardens
Wed Oct 18, 2006 3:04pm

Kipcha studied the girl overtly as she turned. The girl was tall, much taller than herself. She was also already in the whites of a Novice, so she had undoubtedly been there for a few days, at least. The girl dropped into a curtsy, something unpracticed and awkward. Someone not used to curtseying, then. Something interesting to note. Kipcha noticed her studying the hem of her dress and shifted uncomfortably. She didn’t want any unnecessary attention.

You can’t attract attention if you wish the Great Lord of the Dark to remain your master, and if you wish to stay in his favor, she scolded herself. Now see what you can find out about this Novice, and see if she has any…dark…interests.

“Looking for someplace to sit?” Kipcha asked, startled. “I’m sure I can help you with that, if you’ll just…Follow me.” She trailed off, unsure of how to continue conversation with this newcomer. She hadn’t had a lesson yet, hadn’t even learned how to embrace! That’s what you’re supposed to do, she reminded herself. You’re supposed to teach her how to embrace. “I know of a few places,” Kipcha said, trying to smile and appear friendly. The girl looked so scared and uncomfortable, much like the way Kipcha had looked when she first came to the Tower.

“Come,” Kipcha said, and began to lead the girl to the Gardens. “It is nice to meet you, Stella Celesta,” she murmured. “You have a very pretty name. There are some very nice Gardens for Novices and Accepted nearby, and there’s a nice, shady tree I know of nearby.” The tree that damned Aes Sedai cornered me at, she fumed. Damn Kiani al’Jaqhar! The Garden, under that tree, was where she had marked the Aes Sedai, giving her a nice scar with a snap of a weave of Fire while trying to escape. The Aes Sedai had always been careful to have saidar embraced whenever they met, so Kipcha knew she was being cautious.

Moving into the Gardens, Kipcha tried to find out her reaction, to see if she liked them or not. “Now,” Kipcha said. “I am here to be your mentor, and that means answering questions.” Her green eyes glinted. “Tell me about yourself, how you came to the Tower, your home. Then feel free to ask me any questions, about the Tower or about Novices and Accepted and Aes Sedai, about saidar, anything.” She smiled brightly. “Don’t be shy.”

OOC: there ya go! Come up with a few questions to ask her, describe yourself, then I’ll answer your questions and put up your embracing thing, unless yo want to take it further! UP to you!! Have fun with it!

  • Continuation of What to do, what to do...Stella Celesta, Novice, Tue Oct 17 3:31pm
    Remembering her manners, Stella added, "And I'm Stella Celesta, from Shol Arbela." She didn't think it was necassary to state that she was a Novice - the Accepted already knew that. OOC: Heh, sorry... more
    • A Walk in the Gardens — Accepted Kipcha al'Shain, Wed Oct 18 3:04pm
      • Lots to LearnStella Celesta, Novice, Sat Oct 28 6:17pm
        Kipacha led her away from the courtyard, for which Stella was very grateful. A faint blush tinged her face from her own awkwardness. The Accepted was polite enough, but Stella couldn’t help thinking... more
        • EmbracingAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Wed Nov 15 2:35pm
          Kipcha breathed in the calm, quiet air in the gardens. By the Great Lord, but it felt good to be outside again! There were too many days when she was caught in the tower, caged like a bird unable to... more
          • A Red RoseStella Celesta, Novice, Mon Dec 4 2:24pm
            Stella quickly forgot her embarrassment as Kipacha began answering her slew of questions - My dear? she couldn’t help thinking, How old am I, ten? - but she swallowed the information like a sponge.... more
            • The ElementsAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Mon Dec 11 3:21am
              Kipcha watched Stella’s struggles with baited breath. What if the girl couldn’t do it? But, then again, if she couldn’t do it, why would she have been sent to Kipcha in order to be taught to embrace? ... more
              • The Last StepStella Celesta, Novice, Sun Jan 7 9:35am
                Stella watched Kipacha’s weaves, half eager to try them herself and still half stunned that she could see them at all. Each thread of saidar looked beautiful, all unique yet similar. She grinned in... more
                • Credit! (nm)Accepted Kipcha al'Shain, Tue Jan 16 4:04am
                  Now you have your embracing credit and you can participate in channeling lessons!!! Yey! It's been fun!
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