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Lots to Learn
Sat Oct 28, 2006 6:17pm

Kipacha led her away from the courtyard, for which Stella was very grateful. A faint blush tinged her face from her own awkwardness. The Accepted was polite enough, but Stella couldn’t help thinking how much of a fool she must seem.

Maybe this Saldaean can help change that, she thought a bit wistfully. She had heard Accepted taught Novice lessons, but would this be considered a lesson? Or would the Accepted be so busy that she wouldn’t want to teach a new Novice the basics of the White Tower?

May the Light send she does, because I have much to learn, she thought.

Suddenly, Stella realized Kipacha had stopped, and that they were standing in the largest garden she had ever seen. Garden? This could be a park. For a palace, she thought, amazed. Although it was full of people from the Tower, there were plenty of nooks behind trees or benches secluded by bushes for someone to sit undisturbed. Stella knew she’d come here in any season to enjoy the quiet atmosphere the Garden emitted.

“Now,” Kipacha said, interrupting her thoughts, “I am here to be your mentor, and that means answering questions.” Stella brightened – she wouldn’t have to ask for help after all like an ignorant idiot. “Tell me about yourself, how you came to the Tower, your home,” Kipacha continued. “Then feel free to ask me any questions, about the Tower or about Novices and Accepted and Aes Sedai, about saidar, anything.” A smile added to the invitation to ask. “Don’t be shy.”

Stella bristled slightly - Shy?! - but smiled in return.

“I appreciate your help, Accepted Kipacha,” she answered. I’m getting better at honorifics already, Stella thought. “I’m from Shol Arbela, like I said. I lived in The Golden Needle, an inn my parents owned, with my three brothers, two sisters, and too many nieces and nephews.” That comment made her wince, but she meant it – and her mother wasn’t there to frown and tell her she had to love the “little dears”. “I worked there in the kitchen, with my mother.” Hardly a glorious life, Stella thought dryly, but if Kipacha wises to comment, this friendly conversation will turn very unfriendly very quickly. Almost simultaneously with this thought came a pang of guilt; she had left Arafel so quickly she never heard if her parents had found a replacement for her – or even if they were resentful to her abandoning them or not.

Leaving, she thought. Leaving, not abandoning.

“But enough about that,” she continued, excited to change the subject to what she really wanted to talk about. “About questions, though, Accepted Kipacha, I’ve had one I’ve been wondering about…how long does the training to become an Aes Sedai take? I haven’t seen many women that old here…and why the different Ajahs? There must be differences between them, but what are they? Are you put into an Ajah, or do you choose?” Stella blushed, realizing she was rambling without giving Kipacha a chance to answer. “I guess that’s more than one question,” she added with a wry grin.

OOC: Sorry this took so long to be posted!! I wrote this in a school a while ago and then forgot to actually post it...=p

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    Kipcha studied the girl overtly as she turned. The girl was tall, much taller than herself. She was also already in the whites of a Novice, so she had undoubtedly been there for a few days, at least. ... more
    • Lots to Learn — Stella Celesta, Novice, Sat Oct 28 6:17pm
      • EmbracingAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Wed Nov 15 2:35pm
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        • A Red RoseStella Celesta, Novice, Mon Dec 4 2:24pm
          Stella quickly forgot her embarrassment as Kipacha began answering her slew of questions - My dear? she couldn’t help thinking, How old am I, ten? - but she swallowed the information like a sponge.... more
          • The ElementsAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Mon Dec 11 3:21am
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              • Credit! (nm)Accepted Kipcha al'Shain, Tue Jan 16 4:04am
                Now you have your embracing credit and you can participate in channeling lessons!!! Yey! It's been fun!
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