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Wed Nov 15, 2006 2:35pm

Kipcha breathed in the calm, quiet air in the gardens. By the Great Lord, but it felt good to be outside again! There were too many days when she was caught in the tower, caged like a bird unable to get her wings spread and fly. She glanced at the young novice beside her. So young, Kipcha thought, so vulnerable. She hasn’t even touched saidar yet and…Wait. I was supposed to teach her how to touch saidar! By the Great Lord!

Hearing the honorific Accepted coming from the girl’s lips, Kipcha’s lips thinned in anger. The honorifics…she didn’t deserve them. But, then again, in order to serve her Great Lord properly she needed to gain the ultimate honorific—Aes Sedai. She shook her head, her long blonde hair falling about her face. By the Great Lord…so many rules, here. Hearing the story of Shol Arbela, and where the girl grew up, helped Kipcha to understand more about her. After all, didn’t Kipcha grow up in a house of virtual slavery? Her father had made her suffer all through her childhood, had made her do all the work. By the Great Lord, if only she could forget those years. The scars on her back, the tops of which were visible above her banded Accepted dress, shone silver-pink and raised on her tan skin. Those scars ran down her back, ending just above her waist. Those scars were from her father, when he had lost his temper with her one day and nearly killed her. But that was another story. Right now, in this place, the girl in front of her was important.

“The training to become Aes Sedai. That, my dear, depends solely on the man or woman who is trying to attain the shawl. A strength in the One Power does help, though this quality is not essential. If you are diligent, and progress well in your studies, you will advance quickly. If you master the workings of saidar, and if you learn how to be respectful to your elders, you will advance. But, then again, it’s entirely up to the person. I myself have been at the White Tower for five years—two as a Novice, and these three as an Accepted. I cannot yet foretell when I shall be raised to the shawl; we shall see. Age is really not a factor. Have you seen the ageless look that some Aes Sedai have? This comes from wielding the One Power for an extended period of time. Once you have handled saidar for upwards of 20 years, you too will obtain that look.”

“The Ajahs differ just like women differ. There are different Ajahs to deal with different aspects of life at the Tower, and in life. The Blues stand for a just cause; they always have something they’re fighting for. Yellows are the Healers, trying to do things with the human body and the One Power that none have done before. Greens prepare for the Last Battle. Their main goal is to fight, to learn battle weaves, and to gather as many Warders around them as possible.” Kipcha smiled. Greens were amusing. “Greys are Negotiators. They seek to ally themselves with nations to try to solve disputes and to make treaties. Whites are logical. They try to think there is an answer to everything and are always cool and collected. Browns are thinkers. They always have their noses in books and are trying, I think, to get knowledge on everything in the world. And Reds. Reds really don’t have a place in the Tower, anymore. They were originally sent to find all the male channelers and gentle them. Now, with the cleansing of saidin, I don’t know what they do.”

“A woman chooses her own Ajah, upon raising the shawl. However, in order to gain access to that Ajah and become an Aes Sedai of that Ajah, a Sister has to allow you to come. Once you become Accepted, your choice of Ajah is usually apparent, or down to only one or two different ones. You will know what is right.”

Kipcha straightened herself. “Now. Time to get down to business.” She sat down on a bench, motioning for Stella to sit with her. “I’m going to teach you how to embrace the One Power. You may not be able to actually channel, or embrace much, but you will know what it feels like to feel the life that is saidar flow through you.” She sat straight, a small smile on her face. “I want you to close your eyes and clear everything from your mind. I want you to be calm, cool, with a blank mind. You need to let nothing distract you, until you are more comfortable with embracing it.” Kipcha glanced at the girl, seeing that she was beginning to relax. “Now. I want you to picture yourself as a flower. Any flower will do, but one that you know very well is best. Imagine yourself as that flower, with the buds closed. See yourself having the leaves, roots, stem, petals folded up; be the flower. You need to feel yourself, as the flower. Your buds are closed tightly. Now, you begin to feel the warmth of the sun upon you. Feel it near you, and let your petals slowly unfurl, feeling the sunlight filter into your entire being. The sun will get brighter and brighter, filling your existence, until it is the only thing you know. Once this happens, open your eyes. If it has worked, you will know if you have embraced the Source.” Kipcha smiled. She knew the girl would succeed.

OOC: srry it’s taken me so long!! Been hectic…but just have her learn to embrace. If there are problems, let me know!! If all goes well, we’ll show her the different weaves next post. If not, you’re done; I can’t help, I don’t think, with your block. But I’m here if you need me!

  • Lots to LearnStella Celesta, Novice, Sat Oct 28 6:17pm
    Kipacha led her away from the courtyard, for which Stella was very grateful. A faint blush tinged her face from her own awkwardness. The Accepted was polite enough, but Stella couldn’t help thinking... more
    • Embracing — Accepted Kipcha al'Shain, Wed Nov 15 2:35pm
      • A Red RoseStella Celesta, Novice, Mon Dec 4 2:24pm
        Stella quickly forgot her embarrassment as Kipacha began answering her slew of questions - My dear? she couldn’t help thinking, How old am I, ten? - but she swallowed the information like a sponge.... more
        • The ElementsAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Mon Dec 11 3:21am
          Kipcha watched Stella’s struggles with baited breath. What if the girl couldn’t do it? But, then again, if she couldn’t do it, why would she have been sent to Kipcha in order to be taught to embrace? ... more
          • The Last StepStella Celesta, Novice, Sun Jan 7 9:35am
            Stella watched Kipacha’s weaves, half eager to try them herself and still half stunned that she could see them at all. Each thread of saidar looked beautiful, all unique yet similar. She grinned in... more
            • Credit! (nm)Accepted Kipcha al'Shain, Tue Jan 16 4:04am
              Now you have your embracing credit and you can participate in channeling lessons!!! Yey! It's been fun!
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