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Only One Bucket of Water (attn: anyone)
Fri Nov 17, 2006 7:36pm

“Novices, concerning the essays that you wrote yesterday…” The Accepted turned around and looked at the large wooden desk she had been leaning on. A fairly short stack of papers with red markings on them was resting in the corner and she scooped them up. There was a note on the front from Sienna Sedai, Kairi took it off and slipped it onto the desk. All five rows of Novices were looking at her expectantly, they were particularly well behaved. “Sienna Sedai corrected them all yesterday and only four of you passed but only just.” The class as a whole sort of gasped and all their little eyes bulged to one extent or another. “But, since all of you did poorly I am to give them back to you to do over tonight and you can hand them back in to her tomorrow.”

Kairi laid the stack of papers on one of their desks. “Find yours and pass the rest.” She watched as the Novices received their essays with the red markings all over them. Four of the Novices looked happier than the rest and were doing their best to lord their essays over the others. “Okay does everyone have their essay?” No one said no. “Alright, you are all dismissed and Sienna Sedai will be back tomorrow.” They all gathered their things and filed out of the room, the Accepted going last. She had to play substitute teacher for the morning but that had been the last class, thank the Light.

Normally she would be working in the herb garden, with one Yellow or another, elbow deep in dirt or drying herbs. And even though she had other plans Delilah Sedai, of course, requested she go anyway if her classes finished on time. And because they did Kairi found herself making her way down to the ground floor. A few Novices curtseyed to her, she curtseyed to a couple Aes Sedai, and at one point two Novices curtseyed to Kairi and then an Aes Sedai passed and they all turned and curtseyed to him and then they all continued on their merry ways with barely a hitch.

When she arrived Delilah Sedai was there as promised standing authoritatively over the short rows of plants. “Hello Kairi.”

The Accepted curtseyed. “Delilah Sedai.”

“I am just about finished here so I will not need you here at all today.”

After a pause the Tairen’s eyebrows furrowed. “So you want me to…”

“Nothing. Take a break.” Was that amusement she saw collecting behind those eyes?

The Accepted shrugged. “Okay.” She dipped into another curtsey and quickly took her leave. She never thought she would hear those words from that particular Yellow but she wasn’t about to mess with a good thing.

So, if she was correct it wasn’t quite lunchtime yet and she was facing a rare but short hiccup in her schedule. Even if her breaks were few and far between deciding what to do wasn’t particularly hard. Her feet were telling her that a chair would be much appreciated after a long morning of standing. Accordingly she decided to chance the gardens, see if there was an empty seat. It was either the gardens or her room and she certainly didn’t want to deal with that at the moment.

It wasn’t too far a walk and soon she found herself among the familiar surroundings of the gardens. It seemed a few people had a few minutes for a break and there were no empty benches on the main path. Kairi took a more remote path and found a white shady bench void of people. She seated herself and slid a bracelet off her wrist. It was unremarkable in appearance. A slim silver band with seven tiny colored gems spaced evenly on the surface. Not many would wear it just for looks, but that wasn’t why she wore it. It was a ter’angreal. The first of only two she had been able to successfully duplicate since her lesson with Onoro Sedai. A few months of frustration and she has produced only two successful ter’angreals out of hundreds of failures that were currently piled up in her room.

The ter’angreal served no great purpose. It didn’t shoot out fireballs or change the weather, all it did was produce seven simple notes. Usually people who liked to sing or tune their instruments carried it around. Kairi embraced and touched a tiny strand of Air and Spirit to the indigo colored gem. A sweet continuous note floated into the air, it was A. She moved it to the red colored gem and C emerged. All it was good for was tuning instruments really unless you could weave fast enough then you could produce a few simple melodies. Her brow furrowed in concentration as she tried to spell out the tune to ‘Only One Bucket of Water.’ Just something to pass the time until something better came along.

OCC: And here it is: The Glorious Return of Kairi! Yay!!!

So anyone is more than welcome to join. She has black hair tied back in a ribbon, she’s Tairen, and she’s kinda short, around 5’4 I’d say.

    • What a klutz.Tsuga Sei'Tar, Wed Nov 22 9:58am
      Gaps in her schedule were not precisely rare, but they didn’t happen often. When they did, Tsuga tended to fill them with training on her own, extra work to keep her mind occupied and her limbs busy. ... more
      • Well I wouldn't say I was a musician but…Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Fri Nov 24 1:34am
        A triumphant smile leaped onto her face, she finally made it once through the tune without making a single mistake. The smile turned into one of settled pride as she started the tune again from the... more
        • Well, it may not be the last laugh, but . . ..Tsuga Sei'Tar, Tue Nov 28 5:52pm
          Tsuga was rather not expecting the person she’d intruded upon to show any interest in her aside from irritation. Kiari’s sudden interest in her was a bit alarming, and Tsuga shifted uncomfortably... more
          • ...And you are?Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Wed Nov 29 5:20pm
            Kairi untilted her head at the reply to her question, or perhaps it was at the smile afterwards. Ah yes she did remember who she was, Kairi had been sitting in a tree, and the girl was sitting under... more
            • Where are my manners?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Thu Nov 30 4:52pm
              It was a bit disconcerting that the Accepted didn’t chuckle along with her little cracks, but she was used to strange looks and rolled eyes in response to her off-the-wall comments. So when the... more
              • Bah! Who need them?Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Mon Dec 4 8:43pm
                A spectrum of thought collided on the other woman’s face. Kairi suppressed an exasperated sigh. Being purely a woman of honesty the answer was simple. You either wanted to come or not, a yes or a no. ... more
                • You're not an Aes Sedai yet, are you?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Tue Dec 5 4:38pm
                  As Tsuga felt the pouch tucked beneath her shirt, resting on a leather thong around her neck (she’d been robbed before, and no longer kept her money visible), she noticed the Accepted patting her own ... more
                  • Hey, your foot’s all wet!Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Sun Dec 10 4:38pm
                    Kairi glanced when she noticed Tsuga stopped. She did a double take and saw that she was examining her boot… and she had just stepped in a mud puddle. The Accepted stifled a laugh, it seemed the... more
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