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...And you are?
Wed Nov 29, 2006 5:20pm

Kairi untilted her head at the reply to her question, or perhaps it was at the smile afterwards. Ah yes she did remember who she was, Kairi had been sitting in a tree, and the girl was sitting under it, when Kairi fell out of the tree when a spider landed on her. Then the Accepted started cursing and exploded the bug… a very embarrassing moment. Especially when the Tall One came out and laughed at her expense. Her feathers had been ruffled then but now that she looked back on it, it was pretty hilarious.

“So what? You graduated from climbing trees to playing music? You’re on your way to being a regular one-woman show.” And then she started laughing.

The Accepted frowned, should she laugh with her or be upset? It was hard to determine the taller one’s intent. It was either an odd sense of humor or it was meanness. Having just met, or rather just met again, the good thing to do would be to give her the benefit of the doubt and laugh with her. But was it funny? Maybe if she didn’t laugh and didn’t take offense and just stood there with a smile until the other stopped laughing. If her sense of humor was a little odd maybe she wouldn’t take offense at Kairi not laughing because she was used to it all the time… Before the Tairen could figure it all out the Aethan’Tar, or whatever, wiped the grin off her face and asked her a question.

“You hiding too? I was following the music- what’s your excuse for being out here all alone? I didn’t interrupt anything, did I?” A pause. “I mean, if you’d rather be alone, I’ll go… I was just wondering where the music was coming from…”

“Oh no, you don’t have to leave. I mean, unless you want to.” Usually the trainees were dying to get out of the presence of a channeler. Which was something Kairi found very odd because they chose to go to the White Tower in the first place where they would probably later be bonded to an Aes Sedai anyways. Very odd.

“I was just trying out a sort of invention of mine while getting some fresh air. Just passing the time with nothing better to do, or rather I couldn’t think of anything else. In fact, I’ve been needing a break for quite sometime, perhaps you have an idea?” Finally, if things worked out it might turn out to be a much deserved break. Kairi frowned. “Oh, I don’t think we ever did introduce ourselves. I’m Kairi.” She gestured to her skirts. “Accepted.” As if it wasn’t already obvious.

OCC: I gave them an opening to actually do something if you want. Kairi will say yes to anything Tsuga suggests so you can write that if you want. A trip to the city, a handstand contest… you name it. Unless you don’t want to then ignore that and ask some more questions! Yay!

  • Well, it may not be the last laugh, but . . ..Tsuga Sei'Tar, Tue Nov 28 5:52pm
    Tsuga was rather not expecting the person she’d intruded upon to show any interest in her aside from irritation. Kiari’s sudden interest in her was a bit alarming, and Tsuga shifted uncomfortably... more
    • ...And you are? — Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Wed Nov 29 5:20pm
      • Where are my manners?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Thu Nov 30 4:52pm
        It was a bit disconcerting that the Accepted didn’t chuckle along with her little cracks, but she was used to strange looks and rolled eyes in response to her off-the-wall comments. So when the... more
        • Bah! Who need them?Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Mon Dec 4 8:43pm
          A spectrum of thought collided on the other woman’s face. Kairi suppressed an exasperated sigh. Being purely a woman of honesty the answer was simple. You either wanted to come or not, a yes or a no. ... more
          • You're not an Aes Sedai yet, are you?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Tue Dec 5 4:38pm
            As Tsuga felt the pouch tucked beneath her shirt, resting on a leather thong around her neck (she’d been robbed before, and no longer kept her money visible), she noticed the Accepted patting her own ... more
            • Hey, your foot’s all wet!Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Sun Dec 10 4:38pm
              Kairi glanced when she noticed Tsuga stopped. She did a double take and saw that she was examining her boot… and she had just stepped in a mud puddle. The Accepted stifled a laugh, it seemed the... more
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