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Where are my manners?
Thu Nov 30, 2006 4:52pm

It was a bit disconcerting that the Accepted didn’t chuckle along with her little cracks, but she was used to strange looks and rolled eyes in response to her off-the-wall comments. So when the silence began to stretch on the part of the initiate, she fell silent, coughing slightly. Her offer to leave was met with near-desperation. “Oh no, you don’t have to leave. I mean, unless you want to.” Tsuga blinked.

Now it was a predicament. If she left, the Accepted might take it as an insult, but she really didn’t want to stay. On the other hand, she really wasn’t comfortable just hanging around with a channeler, though it was less of an issue now than it might have been in the past. Having to come to terms with being related to a Soldier had rather shifted her outlook on those that could wield the One Power.

“Oh, yeah, silly me. Tsuga. Sei’Tar.” The feel of the title still felt weird connected to her name, but she rather liked the thrill of achievement it sent through her nerves. It had taken her years to earn that rank, and being able to claim it at last was quite fulfilling. “Nice to meet you, Accepted.” She bobbed another brief bow – she was supposed to defer to the initiates, after all – and then turned her thoughts to trying to figure out something that they could do in which they wouldn’t have to talk too much, or have to spend too much time too closely together.

“Well, I’ve got some extra time before the midday meal myself, and I was thinking of maybe going into town. It might be nice to see something other than the Tower walls.” She grimaced slightly, and only then thought to check and see if she had the small pouch of money that all of the trainees were given at regular intervals to spend as they wished in town. She usually saved hers – she had a dozen or so tiny pouches stashed in her room – but occasionally she felt the urge to spend a small bit of it. She never liked to part with any coin, but perhaps a few coppers for an inexpensive meal and a mark or so outside the Tower might be well worth it.

OOC: So sucky; sorry. But they can get into some mischief in town, if you want to.... ^_^

  • ...And you are?Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Wed Nov 29 5:20pm
    Kairi untilted her head at the reply to her question, or perhaps it was at the smile afterwards. Ah yes she did remember who she was, Kairi had been sitting in a tree, and the girl was sitting under... more
    • Where are my manners? — Tsuga Sei'Tar, Thu Nov 30 4:52pm
      • Bah! Who need them?Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Mon Dec 4 8:43pm
        A spectrum of thought collided on the other woman’s face. Kairi suppressed an exasperated sigh. Being purely a woman of honesty the answer was simple. You either wanted to come or not, a yes or a no. ... more
        • You're not an Aes Sedai yet, are you?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Tue Dec 5 4:38pm
          As Tsuga felt the pouch tucked beneath her shirt, resting on a leather thong around her neck (she’d been robbed before, and no longer kept her money visible), she noticed the Accepted patting her own ... more
          • Hey, your foot’s all wet!Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Sun Dec 10 4:38pm
            Kairi glanced when she noticed Tsuga stopped. She did a double take and saw that she was examining her boot… and she had just stepped in a mud puddle. The Accepted stifled a laugh, it seemed the... more
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