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A Red Rose
Mon Dec 4, 2006 2:24pm

Stella quickly forgot her embarrassment as Kipacha began answering her slew of questions - My dear? she couldn’t help thinking, How old am I, ten? - but she swallowed the information like a sponge. She had expected as much of an answer as to how long the training took – in anything she did, it seemed that was what everyone told her when she wanted to push forward. She blinked when the Accepted admitted how long she had been in the Tower, however. Five years? she thought, suddenly calculating how long five years actually was. That’s…five winters! Five birthdays, so many months…and she isn’t even Aes Sedai! She swallowed hard at the thought, but didn’t comment: it was a shock, but Aes Sedai couldn’t be fumbling buffoons out in the world without a clue of what they were doing. She would study for as long as it took.

Stella listened to the topic of the differences in Ajahs with a sense excitement at learning more, but she also couldn’t help wondering if this was common knowledge. Kipacha seemed to rattle it off easily enough – well, she had been in the Tower a long time. Was this something everyone knew about Aes Sedai – anyone with an education, anyway? Stella didn’t consider herself an idiot; she knew how to read and write, and all of the necessary skills to run an inn.

Stop nattering to yourself and pay attention! she thought sharply, just in time to catch Kipacha saying,

“Now. Time to get down to business.” Stella blinked, and sat on the bench Kipacha herself was sitting. When Stella heard Kipacha’s plans, her jaw dropped open. First, she spent three days wandering around the Tower feeling like a lost cow and now she would learn everything at once! She gulped, listening to Kipacha’s instructions with a mix of anxiety and thrill.

Stella closed her eyes as Kipacha instructed, curious yet a little apprehensive. A flower? Is this what Aes Sedai have to do all the time? she thought, because it seems a little ridiculous. However, conjuring a flower to mind wasn’t difficult since they stood in the most magnificent garden Stella had ever seen. Her mind remembered a throaty red rose that had been perhaps ten paces to their right, a single rose that had grown apart from the others only slightly. Stella couldn’t help smiling as she thought of it; that would do very well. A little apart that wasn’t afraid of showing it’s thorns.

She thought hard, imaging that rose closed (even though she knew it was open). She tried to be the flower. She thought very hard about how the flower would be…feeling. This is more than ridiculous! she thought. I’m not a flower! But she had to learn this. This was the first step – even more than her Novice whites, this would prove her place in the Tower. All she had to do was pretend to be a flower.

Stella tried again, imagining herself as that dark red rose. She listened to Kipacha and tried to ‘feel’ the warmth of the sun, which was a bit difficult since at that moment a gust of a breeze chose to blow by. She tried to feel the warmth, and imagine opening herself up to it. She tried, but nothing seemed to happen. She began to chew the bottom of her lip before she realized, and stopped, worried that something might be wrong. She didn’t open her eyes; perhaps better if she couldn’t see the Accetped’s face. To her surprise, Kipacha calmly began reciting her instructions again, and Stella tried again.

You can do this, everyone here can do it, she thought firmly. Even all of those brainless chatterboxes. She was the rose, and felt the warmth on her petals. Slowly, ever so slowly, she opened herself to that warmth, hoping that this time would be a success. Kipacha seemed to think she could do it; she had stopped her instructions.

Suddenly, Stella could feel it; the warmth Kipacha had told her about. She opened herself up to it, unfurling all of her petals until it filled her. She opened her eyes in shock and gasped; and it was gone. She had held saidar for only a brief moment, but what a wonderful moment that had been.

I knew I could do it, she thought.

OOC: It's all good, I've been really busy too, so I know the feeling =D

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    • A Red Rose — Stella Celesta, Novice, Mon Dec 4 2:24pm
      • The ElementsAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Mon Dec 11 3:21am
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          • Credit! (nm)Accepted Kipcha al'Shain, Tue Jan 16 4:04am
            Now you have your embracing credit and you can participate in channeling lessons!!! Yey! It's been fun!
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