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Bah! Who need them?
Mon Dec 4, 2006 8:43pm

A spectrum of thought collided on the other woman’s face. Kairi suppressed an exasperated sigh. Being purely a woman of honesty the answer was simple. You either wanted to come or not, a yes or a no. It was far worse to be with ungrateful company than without company at all in her opinion. Though Kairi did understand the dilemma. There was no way the woman would know that and Trainees always stepped warily about channelers anyhow. And it’s time she learned not to. Well only in a certain sense. Everyone stepped warily of Aes Sedai.

“Oh, yeah, silly me. Tsuga. Sei’Tar. Nice to meet you, Accepted.” Then she bobbed in a bow. So she had been wrong, not Aethan’Tar, a Sei’Tar. They all dressed the same anyhow. Then again it could be said that the White Tower initiates dressed a little bit too alike. The Accepted glanced down at her dress, she wished she would be raised soon if only to change her clothes. She had been wearing white for seven years, with a banded hem for three of them. It was more than long enough.

“Well, I’ve got some extra time before the midday meal myself, and I was thinking of maybe going into town. It might be nice to see something other than the Tower walls.” Into the city, the Tairen brightened, on the inside. A splendid idea.

Tsuga grimaced and touched a pouch at her side. Probably with coin inside. The Accepted reached for her own pouch. As a Novice she had always carried a pouch with herbs inside, a habit from her pre-Tower life. It had actually come in handy once or twice. The Accepted pushed an image of a Tuatha’an girl out of her head. Once she had become Accepted she carried coin also. Though, she carried less with her now than she used to. Now that Kairi had the freedom longer the insatiable excitement of it all had dulled somewhat.

The Accepted smiled dryly before she answered. “I couldn’t agree more.” Kairi turned her head towards the exit of the clearing. “Let us be off then.” She started off and Tsuga followed her to the main path. An Aes Sedai passed and didn’t even pay them a glance as they curtseyed, and bowed. Typical. They made their way out of the gardens, there were an annoyingly amount of Aes Sedai in the gardens that day. But they disappeared once they left and they did no more bowing or scraping on the way to the wall.

At the gate once they actually passed the walls Kairi turned to the Sei’Tar. “Did you have a place in mind?” The Accepted dodged a little girl running past them. When the girl realized who she had passed she skidded to a stop and stared at her with wide eyes. She smiled at her but the girl continued to gape. Once they went wherever they were going maybe she could do something about her appearance.

OCC: Here it is finally lol. What’s going to happen next?

  • Where are my manners?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Thu Nov 30 4:52pm
    It was a bit disconcerting that the Accepted didn’t chuckle along with her little cracks, but she was used to strange looks and rolled eyes in response to her off-the-wall comments. So when the... more
    • Bah! Who need them? — Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Mon Dec 4 8:43pm
      • You're not an Aes Sedai yet, are you?Tsuga Sei'Tar, Tue Dec 5 4:38pm
        As Tsuga felt the pouch tucked beneath her shirt, resting on a leather thong around her neck (she’d been robbed before, and no longer kept her money visible), she noticed the Accepted patting her own ... more
        • Hey, your foot’s all wet!Accepted Kairi Mahalia, Sun Dec 10 4:38pm
          Kairi glanced when she noticed Tsuga stopped. She did a double take and saw that she was examining her boot… and she had just stepped in a mud puddle. The Accepted stifled a laugh, it seemed the... more
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