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You're not an Aes Sedai yet, are you?
Tue Dec 5, 2006 4:38pm

As Tsuga felt the pouch tucked beneath her shirt, resting on a leather thong around her neck (she’d been robbed before, and no longer kept her money visible), she noticed the Accepted patting her own little sack of coin. No doubt the Tower didn’t give her any more than any other member, be they trainee or initiate.

“I couldn’t agree more. Let us be off, then.” Tsuga choked back a smile at the girl’s inadvertent joke – likely not something anyone else would have thought funny in a million years – and nodded.

“After you.” She was, after all, supposed to defer to the Accepted, much as it might irk to do so to someone that, under different circumstances, might have been her equal. As they worked their way back through the brambles and frozen plants, Tsuga noted that Kiari led her along a path much easier to traverse than the one she herself had struggled along to find the clearing in the first place.

The garden was crowded today with Aes Sedai, and no few Gaidin walked the familiar paths themselves. They had to pause frequently to scrape a bow, or a curtsey on Kiari’s part, but they eventually made it past the scenic rendezvous place, and after that the crowds thinned out. It was still amusing, after all this time, to have the privilege of watching the Aethan’Tar and Novices scrape a bow to her. Only a few months ago, she had been in their place. Being in the middle of the Tower’s ranking system was bemusing, though at times it did grow tiresome, as did any other part of life.

“Did you have a place in mind?” They had made it to the gates while Tsuga had been lost in thought, and she shook off her reprieve at Kiari’s question.

“Oh, umm, no, not really. There’s a decent inn just a little ways outside the gates, but that doesn’t much serve the purpose of getting outside the walls, does it? Do you know anywhere worthwhile?”

She glanced up as the Accepted paused to smile at someone, though her steps didn’t halt, and as she smiled at the little girl, her foot landed in a mucky puddle in the road, splashing cold and muddy water over the tops of her boots and making her shiver and curse under her breath. In fact, now that she looked more closely, her boots were getting rather worn. There was a spot in the toe of her left boot that was nearly worn through, the heel on the right was half-separated from the rest of the leather, and now that she thought about it, perhaps the murky water hadn’t lapped over the top of her boot, but rather leaked in through the gaps in the stitching and leather.

“Maybe we could go a little further into the town. I’ve been meaning to get some new boots at some point.” Much as she hated to have to part with the coin. She could certainly afford it, though – she’d scarcely spent a copper in her years in the Tower, and had saved up quite a nice little sum in that time. Might as well spend it on something she actually needed, rather than frills and fleeting things like many of her comrades did.

OOC: Tsuga would like me to point out that they do all dress alike, but less so than the Initiates, haha.

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    • You're not an Aes Sedai yet, are you? — Tsuga Sei'Tar, Tue Dec 5 4:38pm
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