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A flight for home from home
Mon Dec 11, 2006 11:44am

Crael finished strapping his belongings to Brutus’ saddle before leaping into it. His quarter staff at his side be began to guide Brutus with his knees through the stable door. He’d managed to get just about all of his things, the only items that he would have to leave were his knives, he handed his bandoleer to Jield Gaidin on his first day in the tower, having to leave them saddened him, they had been given to him by his father and as such were possibly the only things that he had to remind him of his parents.

He ran his hands through his hair shivering with the power of the emotions burning through him. Once out the of the stable he pulled Brutus up with his knees as he turned in the saddle to look up at the Tower, the place he’d thought he could make a new home, a place where he could build himself a new and fight the shadow as best he could. He wasn’t so sure he should ever have left Shienar now.

He turned back to face forwards and pulled the letter from his belt, unrolling it and glancing over the script again as if hoping that it would look different a second time, that the words perhaps would have changes and his parents weren’t dead at all. But no, the words were the same as before. He started as a droplet landed on the parchment, he looked up at the sky, the clear blue sky before he noticed the trail of a single tear down his face.

He slid off the saddle to make a few last checks to the warhorse’ tack. Satisfied that everything was as it should he began to swing himself easily back into the saddle as he had done hundreds if not thousands of times. He landed in the saddle as if it was made for him, as indeed it was, he had been riding almost as soon as he could walk, A lancer born. His father had said that the first time he had sat on Brutus when the large stallion had been but a young colt, they had grown together, him into a man that he hoped his father would be proud of and the horse into a loyal companion that had saved his life before and probably would again.

In mid contemplation he felt a jerk of Brutus’ head and looked down sharply to see a Sei’Tar looking angrily up at him. "Where do you think you're going, Aethan'Tar?" He shook his head, he was going whatever anyone tried to do, it would take more than words to change his mind. He looked down at the Sei’Tar his emotions clearly on his blue eyed face as he hander the letter, purposefully leaning down and offering it to the hand with the strongest hold of Brutus’ bridle. As soon as one hand released the bridle to take the letter he dug his heels into Brutus’ flanks and the warhorse reared up before leaping into the gallop.

Crael looked back briefly over his shoulder at the shocked looking Sei’Tar as she stood in the middle of the stables trying to decide what to do. He quickly turned his attention back to the road ahead of him not wanting to hurt anyone in his break for home.

OOC: Hope you’re up for a chace!

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