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A Bad Day (Anyone!)
Mon Dec 18, 2006 4:53am

“Aliwen! Stop being so foolish, girl.”

Aliwen tossed her head angrily, flicking her silvery blonde fringe away from her left eye, for a moment exposing her disability. When her fringe settled, she looked across at her mother, glaring at the woman with her right eye. A frown creased across Ali’s face, which her mother returned easily.

“I’m not a girl, mother; I am near my twenty-fourth nameday.”

“Well then act like it and show some common sense, you wool-headed fool. Jield do be Head Gaidin now, you know that, and he can’t be wasting time on you frolicking up to him every chance you get – he do have responsibilities that he has to see too and he can’t let you distract him. You do not be children anymore, Ali,” her mother said, her voice now reflecting tones of softness and comfort, “and we do not be in Illian anymore. You have to move on from your childhood friendships and go your separate ways. Jield do be doing it – and look how far he’s gotten, the Head Gaidin of the White Tower and accompanying an Aes Sedai around––”

He is not accompanying Jayani Sedai around!

“Oh Aliwen, my dear daughter,” Ali’s mother moved forward now, and gently brushed the back of her hand across her daughter’s cheek, “you have to accept the fact that he’s moving on. He can’t stay around with you for the rest of his life, he do have other things that he needs to do.”

“He wants to see me, mother, I know he does!”

“Aliwen, listen to me; you cannot distract him!”

“He needs me to distract him, he looks forward to it – he likes the break from his work! And you can’t stop me from doing it, I’m a grown woman now and you have no control over me anymore. I will see you tomorrow evening, mother.”

Aliwen quickly picked up everything that she needed for the next two days – she’d packed them all into a bag the previous evening – and pushed past her mother roughly, ripping open the door to the room before storming out. On the way down the stairs to the common room she ran into her father, who looked up at her with a face of protest at the noise that she had made thumping down the corridor. He opened his mouth to complain, but Aliwen barged around him, looking above him and refusing to meet his eye – she hardly ever did these days, not since they had been taken from Illian. She looked over her shoulder angrily as she was about to exit the inn and saw her mother having heated words with her father, gesturing obviously at her, in the middle of the stairwell. Casting them her most condescending smile, she stepped outside into the streets of Tar Valon and slammed the door shut behind her.

They weren’t going to stop her from seeing her brother!

She’d been excited for days now about seeing Jield, ever since she had decided to surprise him with a visit on the Feast of Lights. Usually she made sure she saw him at least once a week – she pushed for more whenever possible – but lately he had been so busy, so drawn out with his stupid responsibilities for the White Tower that he had been able to see her less. In fact, she hadn’t seen him for two weeks so far! So much did she miss him that Aliwen decided that it would be a fantastic treat for the both of them if they were able to spend today and First Day together, with her staying in his quarters at the White Tower during the night. She hadn’t done that before, but she’d packed clothes and some money to buy them both dinner that she knew she would be welcome; she loved Jield dearly, he would never turn her down.

Aliwen had made sure to leave early so that when she arrived in the Entrance Hall to the White Tower it was just as the Amyrlin was declaring the festival open. The twenty-four year old woman wasted no time on the festivities beginning, she had an eye only for her brother, whose head of auburn hair she found standing near one of the doors leading into the room. A huge smile growing on her face, Aliwen gently skipped across to her brother and wrapped her hands over his eyes so that he couldn’t tell who she was.

“Jaya?” Jield said, sounding confused.

“No!” Aliwen said, shocked that Jield would name another woman before him. Who was ‘Jaya’ – was it Jayani Sedai? Why would he be expecting her now?

“Ali!” Jield said, turning around and smiling, gently replying to her sudden, fierce hug, “What’re you doing here? I thought Ma would have needed you in the kitchen today – no doubt it’s going to be a very busy day there!”

“They told me that I deserved a break from everything,” she lied, “and they said that I should come and spend the festival with you! I thought we could have so much fun together, Ji, and I’ve been saving for awhile so I have enough to buy us both a lovely dinner at an inn – not Papa’s though, a really nice one! I ws hoping you’d even let me stay the night tonight, so we can keep at it for tomorrow and really enjoy my time off!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ali,” Ali felt crestfallen at those words, “but I have to go out and make sure the trainees don’t misbehave, a lot of them seem to get the idea that they can get away with some misdeeds because they think no one is watching them.”

“I can come with you!”

“I’m meeting Jaya – Jayani Sedai, I mean – and she’s accompanying me around. We have a lot to talk about, Ali, I’m still helping her to find herself a Warder.”

“The mule-headed tramp!”


Aliwen did not listen to his reprimand, instead she angrily shoved away for his outstretching hand and ran out of the Entrance Hall, tears beginning to blur her sight. She stopped once she was out in the White Tower Gardens just near the front gate, and angrily brushed away her tears, revealing her deformed eye once more. Thoughts were pushing through her head, but forefront among them was regret that it was so early, that alcohol would not be served yet for a few hours; she couldn’t go home, not after what her mother had said! Angrily she screamed some curses at Jield, reaching out to kick savagely at a nearby tree which only served to bruise her toes.

It was going to be a long day for Aliwen Pilaweth.

OOC: Hello! Aliwen had a climbing accident when she was younger and badly damaged her left eye – she has no sight at all in it, and a scar across it that she keeps covered up by wearing her fringe across one side of her face. And yes, she is the Head Gaidin’s sister.

You’re welcome to reply, I’m looking for a bit of a fling, nothing really serious and ‘true-love’ish, but something for her to rebound with. Oh, and males only please ;-) Yaaaay!

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