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A Nagging Instinct
Sat Dec 23, 2006 2:31pm

So…why was he doing this again? Tristen couldn’t seem to remember his reasoning as to why he should be going to this festival. It wasn’t that he wasn’t social, and didn’t enjoy the occasional party, but he just wasn’t really in the mood to be around so many people tonight. He never really was one to be around groups of people, so it was pretty rare for him to even come to these occasions. Perhaps his reasons were just selfish, hoping to see some of his old friends, and see if maybe Teli Sedai was back in the White Tower. She had been gone for quite some time now, and although he had gotten over his infatuation for her years ago, she was still a dear friend, and he worried about her, considering how unwell she appeared before her disappearance. This time, she hadn’t even left a note, as he recalled when Hyldae had come storming into his quarters to question him about her absence.

Tristen looked around himself with his green eyes, so unlike those of the rest of his family’s who had violet eyes, except for his father. The fact that Tristen took after his father in any way almost made him physically sick, and he tried to not acknowledge that he was anything like that man. Tristen shook his head lightly, to clear his thoughts, and soon after had to brush some black hair out of his face. He didn’t notice until then just how long his hair was getting. It wasn’t nearly as long as how his cousin Morygan wore his hair, but it was longer than how he usually had it.

As soon as the festival was called to a beginning, Tristen decided to excuse himself for the time being, so he wouldn’t have to interact just yet, since he hadn’t found anyone yet that he recognized even vaguely more than in passing. He walked slowly, towards the Gardens, not noticing the chill that was beginning to settle in, since it was the last day of the year. His pale skin would say that he didn’t spend much time outside, but he did occasionally like to escape to the Gardens when he was trying to take a break from his studies, or taking a breather from the Infirmary. He wanted to become a Yellow once he was finally Raised to Aes Sedai, and many already knew of his conviction in this, but at times, sitting in the Infirmary during the shifts he volunteered for, and then some, it got to be too much. It was the worst when there was nothing he would do, except sit there, and try and make them comfortable. Of course, they never let him stay there the whole time, and sent him off to do something as death approached.

As it was, Tristen hoped that his Raising came soon. He had been here since he was eighteen, and even though he didn’t look much older than that, he was getting closer to the age of thirty every day. However, age never really did seem to matter in the White Tower, but he didn’t want to stay a perpetual Accepted for the rest of his life. He knew that he was strong enough to be Raised, and he was sure that he would be called any day now, but there was always that sense of doubt that filled him. It made him question if he really was worthy to hold the title of Aes Sedai.

Unconsciously, he crossed his arms, hiding his hands under the dark green fabric of his new outfit. He was getting colder than he had realized, but that was far from his thoughts. He might as well be holding saidin because of his lack of feeling at the moment. But that wasn’t quite right, was it? He was worried, and that sense of dread, the fear of failure, filled him, and that’s what made him unaware of his surroundings, and what he sensed. He leaned against a tree, and sighed, still not noticing his unconscious recognition of the cold.

His peace was not kept for a long time; in fact, it was broken quite soon. He didn’t hear what was said, but he heard the screaming of a young woman, and he stood up straight, looking around quickly. He spotted the source of the disturbance after not too long; she was a few trees down. He winced as he watched her kick the tree, his instinct as a Healer kicking in.

Hoping to not frighten her, Tristen cleared his throat quietly before speaking.

“That doesn’t seem like it feels very good…. Would you like me to Heal that? You don’t want to be limping all through the festival, do you?” Tristen moved closer to her, slowly, not wanting to appear threatening, even though he probably wouldn’t scare a five year old with his build. “My name is Accepted Tristen Calvert…. May I ask your name?” He didn’t usually speak this much, so this speech was actually a surprise considering he didn’t even know who this young woman was. He waited there for an answer, not coming any closer than where he already was. She could deny his offer, and he wouldn’t take it personal, but the pain, not matter how small, she was feeling tugged at his mind, demanding his attention. He truly wished that she would accept his offer, even if she didn’t offer her name.

OOC: Noticed you were still all by your lonesome, so I thought I'd come keep you company. ^^

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