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One Face, Two Different Pairs Of Eyes
Sat Dec 23, 2006 7:04pm

Kael was beginning to think that perhaps he should have listened to his fellow Trainees when they had insisted that he buy fancier clothes than those he owned now. Of course, he had seen no point in doing so, and now he began feeling out of place. It wasn’t that what he wore, an almost golden color that mixed well with his Domani skin, was ragged, but it just didn’t compare to some of the outfits he saw others in around the room. Most of the Trainees surpassed him, and it seemed that the only ones who didn’t were the Novices in their required whites. Of course, for how spotless their clothing was, it might just be better by default….

Kael just stopped himself from running a hand through his black hair, and instead scratched the back of his head lightly before letting his hand fall as he looked around the room. He had only been here for a little while, and he hardly knew anyone beyond the bounds of the Training Ground. Even there, he knew little of his peers. He may not be as outgoing as many others, but he wasn’t reserved, so the fact he had yet to make acquaintances with those around him was fascinating.

Maybe it was the fact that he didn’t think that he’d be there that long, or that those around him might disapprove of the reason he was here. He was not planning to become a Warder, but instead he wanted to gain enough training so that he could truly help at his family’s inn, especially as a guard for people who tended to get too rowdy. He had no eye for any of the women here, either, since he had already asked for the hand of a young woman back in Whitebridge by the name of Lynne. She had said that she was willing to wait for him to finish his training, and he was glad for that. Of course, that isn’t to say that things, like him possibly becoming a Warder for example, wouldn’t change, but he wasn’t planning on changing them any time soon. Who knows, maybe Lynne would arrive here before he had a chance to go home. He already liked this city, at least, what he had seen of it. That is, if you discount the uneasiness one felt around the Channelers at times. Maybe he should write home, and ask if Lynne would like to come and visit sometime. He was sure that his parents would be willing to have one barmaid have a break from her work, especially since she would be part of the Zesiro family in not too long of a time.

Just before the Amyrlin Seat announced that the festival had begun, a group of men and women arrived, wearing black coats. Some wore sword pins, and some even wore dragon pins. Kael stared in awe for a moment, since this was the first time he had seen members from the Black Tower, even though he had heard much about them from whispers. There had even been a time where he had been mistaken as one of them, a Soldier, by some Trainee’s here. Luckily, he was able to convince them that he was not the man they were looking for, but they had been persistent. He looked over the lot of them with his green eyes before his eyes fell on one young man in particular. Of course, there wasn’t anything distinguishing about this young man, and Kael had just seen him out of the corner of his eye before turning his head to get a better look, but something had struck him as odd.

Kael was only seeing the back of the young man for the time being. Why had he noticed him above all others? Was how the young man held himself, looking as if he might bolt or attack at any moment, what had intrigued him? Of was it the skin tone of the young man, that marked him as a Domani like himself?

The young man turned slightly, and Kael was soon feeling like someone had punched him in the stomach. He stared wide-eyed at the face that looked like the splitting of his own. Before Kael was able to call over to the young man, he had turned, and was walking into the crowd.

Apologizing to those he pushed through, he followed the young man, desperately needing to speak to him; to ask him why they looked almost identical. Kael had had a brother, a twin, but he had died years ago in the fire that destroyed his family’s home. But what if his brother hadn’t died in the fire? They hadn’t been able to find him, but that didn’t mean that he was truly gone from this world. He had to find that young man, and ask him who his family was, what his name was.

Finally, he made it to where the young man was speaking with a young woman in a blue dress. Not wishing to disturb them, but eager to speak to the young man, Kael waited. It wasn’t until the young woman noticed Kael standing there, and she had widened her eyes that the young man turned and realized his presence.

A face almost exactly like his own faced him, the only difference being the young man’s eyes. Not only were they a different color, since they were blue, but the expressions that they held. They just stared at each other for a moment, neither daring to speak. Slowly, the young man took a step towards him, a sullen glare suddenly masking his face.

“Who put a Weave of Illusion over you?” The young man asked as Kael was still at a loss for words. “Why do you look so much like me?!”

“No one put any Illusion over me….” Kael began, speaking the words before thinking them. “I saw you earlier, and wondered how you could look like me…. My name is Kael Zesiro…I believe we need to speak….”

The young man didn’t give any indication that he would be willing to speak with Kael, but slowly his features softened, and he looked at Kael analyzing him.

“My name is Soldier Karen.” The young man said. “I hope you have something strong to drink, because I believe that we’ll need it before the night is done….” The young man twisted his lips in a private joke, and led the way to a table where they could speak. Kael followed, feeling even more confused than he had just a few moments prior. Of course, that feeling of confusion would not stop him from speaking with this young man, and learning if he was indeed his lost brother.

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