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Temper, Temper!
Sun Dec 24, 2006 3:16am

Aliwen immediately regretted kicking the tree, her toes began to throb painfully and as she put weight through her foot her big toe gave a spasm in protest, causing her to quickly shift to full weight bear through her other foot. Light, had she broken it? That would just be fantastic, just bloody fantastic! Angered further, she decided it was easiest to blame all of this on Jield, and her mother and father too! Her face contorting into another scowl, Ali let off a few more choices curses, wishing her light-forsaken parents and brother could hear them and then she could say what they would say!

“That doesn’t seem like it feels very good…Would you like me to Heal that? You don’t want to be limping all through the festival, do you?”

Turning quickly, Aliwen saw a stranger – a man – watching her from trees not far off. Her eyes quickly looked him up and down, comparing him to the prejudiced image she had of male channelers in her mind. He was surely a male channeler; how else would he be able to Heal her? Aliwen had been raised with the remains of a long-held fear against those who could wield the unrelenting and dangerous saidin, and as from her Illianer parents was an inbred fear and hatred of Aes Sedai. Since they had moved to Tar Valon, her fears and prejudices had diminished somewhat, especially towards Aes Sedai, but there was still the remains of the fear of male channelers. She had seen, observing her brother, Jield interact with those male Aes Sedai – and their trainees – and so she knew if her brother trusted them, no matter how light-forsaken he was, then she could too, albeit to a limit, just in case. Besides, her foot was now throbbing and she was quiet sure that she had broken her big toe – was that some blood appearing on her shoe now?

The man took another step ‘wards her, and Aliwen tensed, ready to push away from him and run if need be. She had heard many a story of exactly what men could, and would, do to a woman by herself; despite his small build, Ali knew that he’d be able to quickly overpower him – even if he didn’t use his special power!

“My name is Accepted Tristen Calvert…May I ask your name?”

He was a channeler, and an Aes Sedai-to-be! Knowing that he was an initiate of the White Tower and not one of those rough and rowdy channelers of the Black Tower made Aliwen immediately trust him more, and think that he was safe enough to be around – especially within the White Tower grounds. The Aes Sedai wouldn’t accept anyone that was dangerous into their halls, let alone raise them to Accepted! Aliwen knew little, if anything, of what happened when a novice was raised to Accepted, but she was sure that the Aes Sedai would know a novice very well before doing the act; just like Jield said he knew his Aethan’Tar in detail before he considered raising them to Sei’Tar.

Bloody Jield.

“I am Aliwen Pilaweth, Accepted Tristen Calvert. I am just a humble citizen of Tar Valon, my name holds no titles such as your’s,” she said bitterly, not realising that she was taking out her temper on whoever was closest at hand. His offer of Healing had been pushed back in her mind slightly by anger, but each time her toes gave a throb she remembered it.

“And yes, in case you are wondering, I am related to the Head bloody Gaidin. Jield is my Light-forsaken brother,” she added harshly.

Damn Jield! she thought, her knuckles clenching and her other foot tensing as another urge to kick the tree nearest to her almost took her. Realising that the Accepted was watching her, she suppressed it and took a few deep breaths, which reminded her of just how much her foot was hurting. Another throb sent the wave of anger away and she clenched her teeth, smothering the fringe over her ruined eye, as was her nervous habit. Oh yes, she had definitely broken her toe, that was for sure!

“My toes are quite painful, it was a bit of a stupid thing of me to do, really, I just got caught up in my emotions, I suppose,” she said; now that the anger was gone she felt the need to justify her actions to herself, so she began to pour her heart and soul out to the first person to show her kindness. “I would greatly appreciate if you could Heal it for me, thank you.”

The next few moments passed quickly, as Tristan used his ability to Heal her foot, sending shivers and chills throughout her body for a second before they, and the pain, abated before completely disappearing. Twisting her foot as a test, Ali was very pleased to find that they didn’t hurt at all anymore.

“Thank you, Tristan,” she said simply, giving him the briefest of smiles.

OOC: Yay, someone to play with! Aliwen’s bio, in case you want to read it to understand the bond between Aliwen and Jield, and Aliwen’s eye better, can be found here.

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