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An Offer
Sun Dec 24, 2006 8:14pm

To say that he was surprised by her outburst of anger would be an understatement. He understood after a time that it was not he that she was angry with, so that calmed him somewhat. He had not had amiable past experiences with people that were angry. Tristen quickly thrust his thoughts of his father to the back of his mind, not wishing to think upon those memories. This young woman would not end up being like his father. Of course, as he watched her, looking as if she was going to attack a tree again, he began to doubt that. She must have noticed his eyes on her, because she quickly relaxed, and then made the most peculiar motion; pressing a fringe over her left eye. He wondered why that fringe was there, but he did not ask, not wishing to offend her.

He smiled softly to himself when she calmed and as she justified her actions. In all truth, Tristen didn’t care just how she had harmed herself, it was just the fact that she hurt that he wished to help. He had a caring heart, and wished to help anyone. Would you truly help anyone? an antagonizing voice whispered to him, a part of his own mind, but Tristen ignored it.

Tristen seized saidin, and quickly formed the weave of Healing that he had become so accustomed to. He placed the weave over her foot, and saw her shiver for a moment. When the Healing was finished, Tristen let the weave go, as well as his hold on saidin and watched as Aliwen tested her foot.

“Thank you, Tristen,” she told him, and then gave him such a short smile that he wasn’t even sure that she had given him one.

“It was my pleasure,” Tristen said, giving her a smile. “Just try to not hurt yourself any more tonight, please?” He winced slightly. “I really don’t want to have to see you in pain again.” He smiled once again. “You mentioned that your brother was the Head Gaidin, but I must say, I wasn’t wondering at all if the two of you were related, because in all truth, I never knew his last name….” He laughed a bit nervously after admitting that. He didn’t like it when he didn’t know things that people believed he should know. There wasn’t really anything to do about it now, however, so he quickly let the feeling pass.

He was not normally a very talkative person, especially around women, because he tended to stumble around his words. He had gotten a little better in that sense, especially around women he knew, but it still had a way of coming up at inconvenient times. He opened his mouth to say something, but then just as quickly shut it again, suddenly forgetting what he was going to say. A light blush formed that he quickly tried to stifle. Trying to hide his sudden uneasiness, he launched again into a short speech of sorts.

“Is it because of your brother that you’re out here? I heard your shout, that’s what caught my attention actually, but I couldn’t quite tell why you said. But…just by how you spoke about him a few moments ago. Even if that is the case, you shouldn’t be out here by yourself. There can be some people of questionable nature lurking around…you just never know….” He shifted his feet slightly, becoming more and more uneasy. He shook his head lightly, trying to clear his thoughts. “Would…you like to go back towards the festival? Maybe we could try and make your night a little better….” He didn’t notice that he was actually offering spending the night of the festival with her until thinking back upon his words. Not that he wouldn’t, considering that he hadn’t spotted anyone yet at the beginning of the festival. Of course, there wasn’t really anyone he knew that he would rather be with tonight. Perhaps some new company would be better for the both of them this night. He smiled again, slightly. He reached his hand towards her slowly, offering it to her. He nodded towards the White Tower.

“Let’s go inside, it’s getting a bit cold out here. You don’t need to get sick onto of whatever disappointment you’ve had tonight.” He smiled a little wider as he said this, and hoped that she would take his offered hand, even if she didn’t spend the rest of the night with him. He was just being polite, and he wouldn’t be too disappointed if she didn’t accept it. He realized then that he would be at least a little disappointed if she didn’t take his hand, of course, then again, that might just be because of his caring nature.

“So…what do you say, Miss Pilaweth? I may not be the best company one can have on a night like this, but it’s better than staying out here, kicking trees….”

OOC: Merry Christmas! Also, Happy Belated Birthday! (Forgot to write that on the OOC Board....>.>;;) How does it feel to be 18? (Awesome bio by the way.)

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