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Breakfast, Perhaps?
Mon Dec 25, 2006 2:12am

OOC: The Feast of Lights takes place over two full days, so technically we’re still in the morning here – at least because that’s where I started the string with. So let’s just assume that Tristan said ‘today’ instead of ‘tonight’, ‘kay? =D Gives them a good while to get to know each other! XD

Aliwen now realised that she was being arrogant in assuming that everyone knew personal details about her brother and that they would automatically connect her to him; Tristan was an Accepted and she imagined that he had nothing to do with the Head Gaidin in anyway, and probably not that much to do with his trainees either. The way that she was feeling at present, it was quite nice for her to be able to get away from the shadow that her brother often cast over her. Ali frowned as she realised that, knowing that she’d never thought anything like that before – was a simple rejection enough to push her away from Jield completely?

She gave her head a quick shake; no, she was mad at him, but she’d get over it within a few days – she enjoyed so much their time spent together that she wasn’t prepared to stop it over a few insulted feelings.

Switching her attention away from her brother to the man that now stood in front of her, Aliwen couldn’t help but notice that his smile – which he offered up to her frequently – was quite nice, especially as his cheeks raised up and brushed up against his long black hair, his blue eyes exuding generosity and kindness. As his eyes met her’s during one of her smiles, Aliwen blushed and quickly looked away at his feet on the grass, listening to his words instead of focusing on his smile. She was not ready to get lost in the physical qualities of a man, Aliwen Pilaweth believed highly in looking before she leapt, no matter how much her pulse quickened in excitement and joy.

To make him more at ease and to eliminate any sense of awkwardness between them, Ali ignored his blushes which were obvious against his pale skin – was he from Cairhien? His height and hair colour certainly hinted at so – and gave him a few smiles too.

It seemed he almost brought her fears to life, explaining to her how these grounds could be dangerous during a festival – even during daylight! – which made some sense to her; after all, the Tower Guard could not keep all of those dangerous people out of the Tower Grounds when there were so many going in and out of them for the festivities. As well as that, many people came especially to Tar Valon to see the famous sight of the windows of the city, lit up into the night to help farewell the parting year.

“So…what do you say, Miss Pilaweth? I may not be the best company one can have on a day like this, but it’s better than staying out here, kicking trees…”

Now it was Aliwen’s turn to blush as he mentioned her spasm of anger, but also because of the way that he was treating her. Her experiences with men was limited beyond Jield, and he always treated her – almost always, she thought angrily – like a close friend, but never like a girl; here was Tristan, showing utmost courtesy and kindness, and treating her as if she was part of some royal bloodline! Never before had she been called ‘Miss Pilaweth’ unless it was in a condescending manner, someone trying to emphasize her youth when she was a child. Well, she was no child now, and she decided it was time she started doing what grown women do!

“Please, Tristan,” she said slowly, thinking every word very carefully before she said them, “called me Aliwen, if not Ali. You have seen a side of me that others rarely seen, and have saved me from a good deal of pain, I would say, so I would hope that we have reached a first-name basis!”

“Of course, Aliwen,” Tristan said, smiling at her once again.

“I think you’re right, there are much better things to do than kicking trees and screaming curses and profanities into the empty air; there is surely a more constructive use of time. I would love to spend the day with you, because I certainly can’t think of anyone else I would spend it with. It’s only fair, after that fantastic job you’ve done on my foot, to tell you that indeed my temper was raised at my brother. You see we are very close, we always have been, and I was looking forward to spending the day with him, but it seems he has other plans. An Aes Sedai – Jayani – will accompany him today, and I am embarrassed to tell you that what you saw was a display of petty jealousy––” Oh, how much it pained her to say that! “––that should surely be beyond me.

“Perhaps we could start the day together by going and having breaking fast, somewhere in Tar Valon? My parents own an inn in the city, but I definitely don’t want to be around them either. I fear that my stubbornness, which no doubt I inherited from them, has meant that I don’t want to return there until at least tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to find someplace to sleep,” she laughed, then realized that she had just added an awkward silence, so she quickly added, “Maybe you have a favourite place to go for a nice meal, Tristan?”

OOC: Thank you, and Merry Christmas right back at you! Ha, Aliwen wasn’t hinting at anything about spending the night somewhere, but I was! :P

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