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Sounds Lovely
Mon Dec 25, 2006 3:32pm

He thought about her question for a moment, before laughing a bit nervously. He never really traveled out into Tar Valon, so the idea of him knowing a good place to eat was almost comical. It all had to do with his shyness, and his unwillingness to go do different things. He wasn’t a complete hermit, but he might as well be one sometimes, because of how isolated he could be. Morygan always pushed him to be a little bit more of an explorer, but they had been separated for a while now. Morygan was still a Novice, even though they had arrived at the White Tower basically at the same time, minus perhaps a few weeks. After Tristen had been Raised, there had been unresolved anger between them that had just escalated out of control, and now they didn’t really speak at all. It was at the point that Tristen didn’t even remember what the offense had been, but it seemed as if neither of them wished to reconcile, which was a pity. Morygan was truly the only family that Tristen had felt close to, his cousin had been more like a brother, even in the short span of four years that they had lived together in Ghealdan before coming to the White Tower. Perhaps that was the reason that Tristen had reverted back to his shyness; he no longer had the stability that he had had for the past years with Morygan not being there.

“I’m sorry, Ali,” Tristen said, making use of the nickname she had offered him, “but I don’t leave the Tower much, so I really don’t know of any good places for a meal…. Maybe you would have a better idea?” He offered, starting the trek into the midst of Tar Valon. “Or maybe we’ll just find somewhere as we walk?” He flashed her another smile, never noticing the blush that had stained her cheeks during their exchange. “And to be sure, no one is above jealously. You wanted to spend time with your brother, and who, or what, is anyone, or thing, to come between family?” Was Morygan jealous? Jealous of the fact that Tristen had been Raised, and he had not? Tristen didn’t let those thoughts catch a hold of his consciousness, and instead discarded them for later contemplation. “And in fact, I’ve seen people do stranger, and more destructive, things in their anger than what you did.” Yes, Tristen remembered the ‘jokes’ Morygan had played on him, and Selena for that matter. As for the destructive part, that made him think of his father again. Would that Light-cursed man ever leave his thoughts?

“Though, I am sorry about my lack of knowledge about places to eat. You’d think that after almost twelve years at the White Tower that I would know a little more about Tar Valon. You see, I spend most of my time in either the Library or the Infirmary, and I’m not the most social of people, unlike my cousin, Morygan. He is a lot better with people than I am. He could probably tell you about some good places to go in Tar Valon….” Tristen stopped, before laughing a bit nervously again. “I’m sorry; I’m not meaning to talk too much…. I just get nervous, and I can’t help myself….” A new blush formed on his cheeks, he looked ahead, looking at the storefronts they were passing. He cleared his throat slightly, addressing something else she had said, but trying to keep what he said on it short, or at least shorter than everything else he had been telling her already this day.

“We could probably find somewhere where you could stay. I have a few friends that might be willing to share a room for a night, that are female, of course!” The thought hadn’t even occurred to him that she could stay with him; he was much to shy and proper to even offer such a thing, especially to a young woman he had just met. Of course, the thought might occur to him later, after they had gotten to know each other a little better. He was intrigued by this young woman. She was the sister of someone very important, but that didn’t say anything about her. What was she like? Why did she wear that fringe, which she hadn’t touched for a while now? Was she hiding something under it; an injury of some kind? He wished to ask her these questions, but he held his tongue for the time being. Instead, he began with a simple question as they continued their search for somewhere to dine.

“If I may ask…how did you come here to Tar Valon? I know that everyone has a story, but not everyone wishes to share theirs.” Tristen said, not pressuring her to answer if she didn’t wish to. She could tell him what she liked, and be quiet about the things she didn’t wish to reveal and it wouldn’t make a lick of a difference to him. “I’m from Jehannah in Ghealdan myself; I lived there for the first eighteen years of my life, four of those with my cousin, Morygan, before we both came to the White Tower, learning that Morygan was a Channeler. I didn’t learn that I was one until the trip here. Morygan and I were separated during the trek, and I had to defend myself.” Tristen stopped the sigh that he wanted to make where it was. He didn’t say any more on the subject then, knowing that it was not something that would be acceptable to speak about at a festival. He looked over at her, waiting to see if she would speak about her past.

OOC: It works. ^^ Tristen is so cute when he gets embarrassed, though. *grins*

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        As they passed under the front gates to the White Tower and crossed into Tar Valon, their talk turned into what first meetings usually digressed to: personal history. This was a top Aliwen was always ... more
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          As she began to tell him of her past, Tristen began feeling guilty that he hadn’t shared his whole past; what had brought him to his cousins and what had eventually led him here. A blush had formed... more
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