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Tue Dec 26, 2006 10:31am

He had a nagging feeling that someone was watching him. Instead of taking heed of that instinct, Kieran looked for some company to keep him busy for part of the festival. He was just getting acquainted with a young woman in a blue dress, an Accepted, when she stopped speaking, and was looking wide-eyed over his shoulder. What he saw seemed to shock the other man more than the feeling he felt. Yes, this young man looked like him, but the eyes weren’t right. Maybe the Aethan’Tar that he had had trouble with last time had asked a Channeler to put Illusion over one of them, to ruin his night in different ways. He took a step towards the young man, his face twisted in a glare.

“Who put a Weave of Illusion over you?” Kieran asked, not willing to reveal that he knew it must be some kind of joke. “Why do you look so much like me?!”

“No one put any Illusion over me….” The young man before him, uneasily. “I saw you earlier, and wondered how you could look like me…. My name is Kael Zesiro…I believe we need to speak….”

Kieran just looked at him for a moment, not speaking. He excused himself from the young woman with a motion of his hand, still looking at this young man, this one Kael Zesiro. He was intrigued, but not to the point of revealing himself, just yet.

“My name is Soldier Karen.” He said, and then added with a sarcastic smile. “I hope you have something strong to drink, because I believe that we’ll need it before the night is done….” With his habit of drinking and revealing things, it would be quite a night, especially since this Kael seemed to be holding all of the cards; all of the information as it were.

They moved slowly towards an empty table, the best place to speak right now. They may be risking being overheard, but it would be less suspicious. Kieran lounged back in his chair, looking over at Kael, looking relaxed even though his thoughts were racing, his curiosity piqued. He knew he couldn’t seem overly eager, or else this young man might change his mind with what he wished to say. Kael didn’t seem as well at ease as Kieran did. At one point, Kieran had gained the upper hand, and he had never even noticed. Was it because of his uncaring façade that he had gained it? Or was Kieran just making up the whole thing about him gaining anything? That didn’t matter as Kael began to speak, before Kieran was even able to ask him a question.

“You’re from Bandar Eban, aren’t you?” Kael asked, as if expecting to be right. Kieran didn’t let this bother him. Bandar Eban was a good guess for anyone to be from if they hailed from Arad Doman. Kieran just nodded, waiting for what else this young man might say. Kael seemed nervous as he continued, as if he didn’t know quite what to say. This made Kieran believe more that this was not some ploy of the young man, but true questions, to add to the knowledge he thought he already had. “How old were you when your parents left?”

Kieran just looked at him for a moment, not speaking. Soon, he recovered however. “Now why would you think that my parents left me?” Kieran grinned slightly. “Frankly, I don’t know where you’re going with this, and I don’t know if I want to know.”

“How old, Karen?” Kael seemed stuck on this, and Kieran didn’t feel like playing this game any more.

“I don’t know; I don’t remember. Is that a good enough answer for you?” Kieran said, getting annoyed. Kieran’s anger grew as Kael gave a bit of a nod, as if this information helped him in some way. Before Kieran was going to say anymore, Kael spoke again.

“Karen isn’t your real name, is it?” Kael asked, and Kieran didn’t answer for a moment.

“What difference does it make?” Kieran asked, trying to hold off his anger. “Why should a name matter to you?”

“It does matter, all right? There is something very important here….” Kael began, but Kieran cut him off.

“What would be so important that you would have to know my ‘real’ name?” He knew that his anger had come out in his speech now. He was no longer calm nor collected like he had been earlier. Now, Kael was the one that was calm, and Kieran knew that he no longer was in power of this discussion.

What Kael said next, in a soft voice, Kieran almost missed. However, as those words were spoken, all of Kieran’s anger fell from him, and he felt himself go pale. The words placed a heavy weight on him, and he had sunk down into his chair as his mind tried to wrap around them. It couldn’t be….

“I think you’re my brother….”

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