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Adding To My Story
Thu Dec 28, 2006 2:02pm

As she began to tell him of her past, Tristen began feeling guilty that he hadn’t shared his whole past; what had brought him to his cousins and what had eventually led him here. A blush had formed as she hooked her arm in his, but slowly, it grew out of shame after every word she spoke about her past. Her she was, pouring out her heart to him, and he hadn’t even had the decency to tell her why he had lived with his cousin before coming to the White Tower. Once she finished, Tristen spoke softly.

“I understand why you would feel jealous even more now. But I must be honest; I didn’t tell you my whole tale, because I didn’t want to bother you with sad things on a festival day, but it seems that I can’t in good conscious not tell you, after what you’ve just told me….” Tristen said, steeling himself for what he was about to say. “I was born and raised in Jehannah, like I mentioned. For the first fourteen years of my life, I lived with my parents. My mother’s side of the family was well off, and my father married into the family, by agreeing to my grandmother that he would keep their name, Calvert. That’s how I have the same name as my cousin. My cousin lived with most of the rest of our family at our grandmother’s house. I had not been fourteen for long, when circumstances I didn’t remember until a few years ago, convinced my mother that I would be better off growing up with her manipulative mother.

“Another cousin of mine died of unknown circumstances, and so it wouldn’t have been hard on my grandmother to take me in. So, I went to live with her, and some of my family. Morygan and I didn’t get along at first. He had been really close to our cousin that had just died, and he thought that I was trying to replace her. Luckily, we learned to grow close, almost like brothers, because we learned we could only rely on each other in that household. Four years after I came to live at my grandmother’s house, when I was eighteen and Morygan was sixteen, we found a thief in the house. That was when Morygan Channeled for the first time. We were both frightened; especially when we learned that it was one of our uncles.” He took a breath, realizing that he had spoken for a long time without taking a breath.

“We decided to come here, to learn where the Black Tower was. We separated on our way here, because we were being followed. The man that was after us was someone else in our family. I was able to get away from him by Channeling, and after that was when I arrived at the White Tower. I learned that they were taking in male Initiates, and after my cousin arrived, we decided to stay here. Our lives finally seemed like we had gotten out from under the shadow of our grandmother, but that hope didn’t last long. Some how, she figured out that we were here, and she came to bring us back. We didn’t leave with her, and after a discussion with her, telling her of the pain she had caused for both Morygan and I, she died. Neither of us could believe it, that this woman could just leave this world like that, but she did, and no one of the family ever bothered us again.”

Tristen paused for a moment, thinking about what he had remembered before that visit from their grandmother, what he had told her…. Tristen didn’t want a say it, it was like there was a vice on his chest, and it wouldn’t let him speak, wouldn’t let him breathe. He took a shuddering breath before continuing.

“In the time that I was here, I came to remember why I had been sent to my grandmother’s in the first place. My father had a very bad temper, you see…. At first he would just hurt my mother, and she didn’t mind, as long as he never hurt their children. Of course, that didn’t last long. He turned to beating me as well as her as I grew older. Even then she didn’t do anything. One night…I awoke to hear my father yelling at my mother. But, it wasn’t only that that had woken me. My little sister, Sarah, was crying. She wasn’t very old…she wasn’t even a year old at the time…. She…just wouldn’t stop crying…. My father went into her room, and then she stopped crying…she never cried again…. She was dead…my father had killed my baby sister, when all she did was cry because he had woken her with his yells.” He was beginning to feel cold now, as the worst feelings of pain began to fill him as he recalled that night. “That’s why my mother finally made me leave…. I never heard any more from either of my parents…. But I hate it…because I have to have my father’s eyes, when I don’t even want to have any ties with that man….” Tristen looked down, becoming almost mute in his depression now.

He took a long breath, and instead of letting it come out as a sigh, he spoke again, softly.

“I’m sorry, Ali, for telling you those things…. And I’m sorry for what you had to go through…. But...we can try and make beautiful memories today, and try and forget our woes, and the wrongs done to us.” He looked at her, knowing now what the fringe represented. He had wanted to ask to see her whole face, but he just couldn’t bring up the courage. She would show him if she wished, but he wouldn’t say anything about it, for the time being. He spotted an inn that looked like a fine place, and looked back at her. “How does a meal sound? That place looks like it would be a good one….” He waited, not knowing what else to say, or if she would even want to spend the rest of the day with him now, after what he had just told her.

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