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The Last Step
Sun Jan 7, 2007 9:35am

Stella watched Kipacha’s weaves, half eager to try them herself and still half stunned that she could see them at all. Each thread of saidar looked beautiful, all unique yet similar. She grinned in spite of herself – she had to stop acting like a foolish girl! – when Kipacha told her to try the weaves herself.

Stella embraced the Source once more; this time she was more ready for it, and was able to hold onto it. She reached through it, and a strand of Air sprang almost as if it had a mind of its own. The light blue thread was not as large as Kipacha’s, but it felt…good to Stella.

“This must be my strongest,” Stella said aloud. “It came so easy.” She regretfully let it go - I can’t wait until I learn to use these, Stella thought. She tried for her second element, and a slightly smaller strand of Earth came. It was a dark green, smooth, with flecks of gold and rust-red inside of it. It didn’t feel as comfortable as Air had been, but it seemed willing to be molded to her will.

“My second strongest,” she murmured, although she knew that Kipacha must have realized that. She released the strand of Earth and tried for her next element; a slight thread of Water separated from saidar. It was even less firm than Earth, and she couldn’t hold onto it for very long. She frowned; if she had elements weaker than this, could she handle them at all?

Just need practice, I suppose, she thought, eagerly going for her next without saying a word to Kipacha. A wispy line of Spirit was pulled out, weaker than all of the others.

I guess I won’t be very good at Healing, she thought, although she wasn’t very remorseful about the fact. Like Water, Spirit vanished after a few moments, again reminding her of how far she had to go.

“I suppose we know what my weakest is,” Stella said with a half smile, although she wasn’t very excited about trying to find Fire. Still, she knew she had to, and Kipacha waited expectantly. She produced a small, reddish-orange strip of Fire, and was only able to hold it for a second before it slipped away.

The Source also winked out of Stella when she was finished; she was regretful that it was gone, but also mindful that she probably didn’t have the strength to hold onto it for very much longer. She turned to Kipacha with a smile.

“Well, I know my elemental strengths now; Air, Earth, Water, Spirit - and Fire is my weakest. I’ll have to work on that,” she added. After a split-second, she added, “Thank you for your help, Accepted.”

OOC: Thanks so much, and again, sorry for taking so long...=D

  • The ElementsAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Mon Dec 11 3:21am
    Kipcha watched Stella’s struggles with baited breath. What if the girl couldn’t do it? But, then again, if she couldn’t do it, why would she have been sent to Kipcha in order to be taught to embrace? ... more
    • The Last Step — Stella Celesta, Novice, Sun Jan 7 9:35am
      • Credit! (nm)Accepted Kipcha al'Shain, Tue Jan 16 4:04am
        Now you have your embracing credit and you can participate in channeling lessons!!! Yey! It's been fun!
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