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Do You Still Love Me? (Gaemalyn)
Sun Jan 7, 2007 1:39pm

Teirangia had found returning to life in the Tower extremely difficult, being isolated in that way for so long had taken its toll, she no longer knew how to converse with strangers, nor did she have any friends. Her fellow Novices treated her with less respect than they would show to a farm yard animal, and Accepted took every opportunity to harass her, send her on meaningless errands, ones she could not refuse in fear of being thrown from the Tower. She needed the Tower, despite the suffering it had caused her. She needed it to teach her, to help her become a powerful Aes Sedai, so that, in time, she could break it as it had broken her. She had had to swallow her pride in the many months since her punishment, grin and bare the insolence, knowing stares and disappointed eyes. In doing this she had lost all sense of care, she no longer cared about herself or others. The only person she wished any happiness and safety to was Gaemalyn. She had not seen him since a fleeting glance after the birth; they had crossed paths unknowingly, otherwise, Teirangia was sure, she would not of seen anything of him until today.
Today, of course was the start of the Feast of Lights, Teirangias first festival since her humiliation. She didn’t know how to react. She had lost all sight of everyday routines during her none months of Limbo, and found it near impossible to return to normal life, indeed the three months following were almost as hard as the previous nine. And then after all her hard work to return to a routine and follow a rhythmic pace, it was all shattered in the form of a festival, moreover, she met Gaemalyn.

Teirangia, feeling slightly overwhelmed by the vast amount of people gathered at the entrance hall, hovered at the back of the crowd, more so to get away from the knowing sniggers than the crushing ball of people. It was there she spied a familiar blonde braid. She new instantly it was Gaemalyn. Her heat leapt and her stomach flipped, she felt nauseous, giddy with...with what? She didn’t recognise the feeling, she had been numb for too long. What was it? Happiness? Anticipation? Excitement? It could have been all or none, she didn’t know. He turned around then, he probably felt her eyes on him, and his face contorted with surprise. Teirangia suspected it was due to her lavishly painted face. She had outlined her eyes with black, which enhanced their startling colour, she had rouged both her lips and cheeks and her pitch hair fell down her back in perfect curls. For now Teirangia had turned into a temptress, one determined to get her lover back at any cost. However, Teirangia had left her room everyday highly made up, so was it just for Gaemalyn, or a weak attempt to get some positive attention? She didn’t know, chose not to think of that question, locked it away.

She walked over to him slowly, with an air of magnificence and serenity. His look of surprise quickly faded and was replaced by another. Fear? It had be so long since they’d met that any encounter would of induced some form of fear. Teirangia felt a tinge of sorrow to see Gaemalyn afraid of her, she never wanted him to cower away, but to run into her arms and tell her he still loved her. But, of course, he didn’t, he simply turned and stalked off away from the crowd and into the darkened grounds. Teirangia didn’t know what to do, was she meant to follow? Or was this a sign for her to leave him alone? For a few moments Teirangia stood in a state of perplexity, deliberating with herself on what to do. Finally, resolved, she trudged after him. If he should ask why she had followed, when it was clear he didn’t want her there, she would simply reply she wanted to make sure he was ok. Yes, that’s what I will say.

The noise of the boisterous crowd slowly faded and the light with it, as Teirangia walked across the damp grass, her white silk slippers sopping. Her eyes took a while to adjust to the moon light, full in the sky the moon hung like a giant candle, illuminating her way. She followed the dewless footprints in the grass, stalking her prey, and came upon the small lake where she and Gaemalyn had once taken a moonlit bathe. Teirangia wondered what had brought him here, were the memories still strong in his mind? She covered the distance between them and stood beside him, looking were his eyes were, on the lake. She noticed his body go stiff and his breathing became laboured. They stayed like this for sometime, almost as if becoming used to each other again; they had been apart for so long, it was needed. As the silence grew Teirangia heard questions arise in her mind, she had seen this moment a thousand times in her dreams, rehearsed exactly what she would say, heard his answers in return. But for some reason the words wouldn’t form, her tongue refused to shape the letters. She began to panic, she needed to say things, things had to be said, important things. Panic and sheer stubborn will made her blurt out,

“Do you still love me?”

Silence filled the echo’s and Teirangia winced at her foolish question.


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