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Bitter End to a Dream
Mon Jan 8, 2007 2:36pm

Gaemalyn could not restrain his mirth as his friends darted about, joking and laughing. The servants were all free for the festival, and Theira laughed beside Gaemalyn. Morlois was eyeing a gaggle of nearby novice girls, a number of them very pretty. Gaemalyn tried not to think of such things, but Morlois constantly brought it up. The Andoran was flashing his winning smile towards the girls, but Gaemalyn knew nothing would come of it. Morlois had never had a girlfriend, nor even come close. He was just acutely aware he loved women, and did not mind them knowing it. Meanwhile his other friend, Jalane, was laughing beside a slightly older Accepted named Zala. The tall Aiel that had been Gaemalyn's friend since a little after his Testing had recently come in contact with the mysterious Zala, a Saldean woman of hard background. Gaemalyn was still becoming used to her, but Jalane and Zala had grown very close. Whispers of the girls sharing their beds with each other, and of romantic goings on, were rampant. Only Gaemalyn, Morlois, and Theira knew the truth to them, of course. Zala had been telling an amusing story about her homeland when a shout of his name pulled him away from his dearest friends.

The caller was Kalden, a very thin Accepted who was leaning towards the Yellow. "Hello, my friend!" Kalden said exuberantly, as Gaemalyn hobbled towards him. Kalden was nice enough, but a little of him went a long way in Gaemalyn's opinion. "Fancy grabbing me and the rest a drink?" Kalden nodded towards Gaemalyn's other laughing friends. The boy was fishing for an invite.

"Of course, Kalden," Gaemalyn said, with a nod. "I could use your help with it, if you please." Gaemalyn glanced at his cane meaningfully. He could not suppress a tinge of irritation that the boy was ordering him around, and that he seemed to think Gaemalyn had nothing better to do then bring him a drink. Since receiving his foul leg wound in the Testing, he had become more used to it, and was beginning to accept his handicap. But asking him to fetch drinks by himself was simply ignorant on Kalden's part.

"Right you are! Fetch that fool Morlois and we'll fetch the girls a drink!" Kalden said with his curly blonde hair bouncing as he spoke jovially. Gaemalyn gestured to Morlois, and the Andoran wandered over, evidently annoyed to be interrupted in the midst of his smiles. Soon he jumped on the chivalrous idea, however, looking for an excuse to impress Theira. Everyone, including the servant girl, knew Morlois had a keen eye for her curves. They headed out among the huge throng of people, pushing past novices and respectfully avoiding Aes Sedai. The entire training grounds had also turned up, making it necessary to mutter apologies to the burly Gaidin-in-training. Gaemalyn laughed at a joke from Kalden, and briefly contemplated his place in life. A year ago this entire scene would have terrified him; the people, the clamor, the dirt. Now it only delighted him, as he reveled in his newfound love of humanity.

They had arrived at the drinks when an unexpected temptress ventured from among the many people to him. Teirangia, his onetime novice lover, stood before him. Gaemalyn could barely believe his eyes; why would she possibly approach him? The possibilities sent a shiver of fear and hurt down his back. Gaemalyn wished he had never gone to get the drinks and that he had stayed with Theira and Jalane. They encouraged him to move on from this beautiful, haunting girl. But neither of them was there, and Gaemalyn didn't know what to do. He did as his mind beckoned, and fled. He used his full skills in walking with a cane to put as much distance between him and Teirangia as he could. He paid no mind to Kalden's shout of frustration. Morlois would explain; Gaemalyn was sure the lusty would-be-Brown Accepted had noticed Teirangia.

Gaemalyn found himself deep in the gardens, where he so foolishly had bathed with Teirangia, many years ago. The memory was old, but still brought him a pang of frustration. How could he have been such a fool? There was a swishing in the damp grass, and Teirangia approached. The girl had followed him. For a moment Gaemalyn considered using his power as an Accepted to order her away. But he could not make the words form. He stood, staring stiffly out across the small pool. He dared not look at her beauty, else he be tempted again. He had chosen the Tower, and the Tower had chosen him. The cane he clenched in his long fingered hands was proof enough of that. From the silence, Teirangia spoke in a panic; "do you still love me?" The words echoed in silence as Gaemalyn at last turned to regard her.

He took in her full breasts, her wide hips, her smooth curves, and her dreamy lips. And for the first time in his life he felt nothing for her. No attraction, no lust. There was merely the emptiness of something that had passed and would never be again. "I never loved you, Teirangia. And I certainly don't now. What we had was a dream, a foolish lusty dream of children. I have only one true love, and that is the White Tower. And I will be Aes Sedai. In comparison to the White Tower, you are nothing; in comparison to the Blue Ajah and the One Power, you are nothing. Goodbye, Teirangia. I am sorry it had to be like this." With that, Gaemalyn turned, and wandered away from her. He could not guess to whether she would follow or merely stay there and cry. All Gaemalyn had was the White Tower, and it was all he wanted. Thinking of his new comrades, he amended; perhaps it was not all he had. Paying no mind to the broken girl behind him, Gaemalyn abandoned the novice, and began the journey back to his friends.

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