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Move Along, Move Along
Mon Jan 8, 2007 4:31pm

Gaemalyn wandered about the books, his cane tapping as he went, investigating the many books he had yet to browse. He was not as avid a reader as some, but often went into the Library to research the Blue Ajah and different matters involving the White Tower. Anything at all to do with the White Tower interested Gaemalyn, but he had little enough free time as it was. A lot of it he spent with friends, rather then walling himself away in the library. All of his friends were occupied, however. Theira was busy working her post as a servant, Morlois in a lesson about history, and Jalane was chasing after Zala trying to resolve an argument. That left Gaemalyn either hanging about with Kalden, or the library. Gaemalyn had readily chosen the library. Now as he browsed the books, he came to the eventual conclusion that he was in no real mood for reading. As he passed a surly Shienarian Brown, he bowed and flashed her a smile. He did not recognize her, but she apparently did him, and smiled back. Being a disabled Accepted that no one in the Tower could Heal had made him fairly well known. Gaemalyn was surprised that this Brown had her head out of a book long enough to hear about him.

A few people wandered about, a number sitting and reading books. Off to the side, sitting very awkwardly in a chair, was an Aiel. He considered her clothing and decided she must be a Gaidar-in-training. Not overly interested in the books, and noticing her warily peering at the Brown Aes Sedai, Gaemalyn decided to talk to her. He wondered if perhaps her frequent watch of the Aes Sedai was to cover her own disinterest. He decided it must be so, and hobbled over. As he walked over, he felt his arm tremble slightly. Though he had a great deal of experience walking with his cane, Gaemalyn still knew he had his limits. The pain in his leg was bubbling up steadily, going from the usual to just bearable. "Excuse me," Gaemalyn said, not wanting to startle her. He realized she was Aiel, and probably not that easily startled, but pushed on. "My leg is quite tired, and I wonder if you would mind I pulled up a chair to have a chat?" Gaemalyn, not really waiting for an answer, pulled a chair over. He plopped down, feeling his pain drop considerably.

"Sorry, I just can't stand any longer. I'm Gaemalyn," he said calmly, his face behind an icy mask of calm. If the girl bid him to leave, he would do so, and handle it. If she left, however, it would be a fair slap to his pride. Managing another smile, he continued. "What is your name?"

OOC: Sorry for a rather unoriginal start! And no worries about the Library thing:).

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