That Might Prove a Bit Difficult... For You.
Tue Jan 9, 2007 4:31pm

As a shadow loomed over her, Nyda became all the more intrigued in the page, taking a great many interest in its rather simplistic words and crude artwork. This would be the fifth time? The sixth, perhaps, in the past week? The Brown did not seem like a very assertive woman and it was doubtful she would spark up confrontation -- but that did not mean she couldn't hurtle Nyda from the chair. Having experienced similar circumstances at the hands of a Wise One for being a "foolish man-brained maiden" she could at least put forth this much knowledge; it wasn't a very pleasant experience. A clunk or two more, a labored breath, and the Aielwoman waited for the worst that never came.

"Excuse me," What was this? A distinctive male voice. Not the strong but unmistakably female one she had been expecting. "My leg is quite tired, and I wonder if you would mind I pulled up a chair to have a chat?"

The book lowered to her lap this time as she peered up in time to catch her confronter as he bent for a chair. Yes, thatís right, look up. Even sitting not to many other than her own kindred could claim at much, but one quick look over deemed that this wetlander matched her height... if not actually topped it. A positively beak-like nose and hair longer than most wetlander women -- her hand reached out to brush subconsciously at her own blood-red shoulder length locks... and then wiped the hand hastily on her cadinísor as if to remove a taint. No, she could not talk there. It was a marker of who she was, but one that she was still adjusting to. He did however have startling blue eyes, which revealed themselves as he plopped unceremoniously into a chair next to her -- and he was an Accepted. The banded white garments and ring gave away that much. Another strange male channeler in the Tower.

A chat? Grey eyes shifted sideways to the Aes Sedai, catching the Brown smile at her apparently new companion. Or rather catching it slide off when she noticed Nyda glancing her way. Conversation between Trainees and Aes Sedai-to-be was usually encouraged, was it not? Ah, the sweet taste of victory. Offering her a chance grin and a respectful bob of her head, she turned wearily back to the Accepted.

"Sorry, I just can't stand any longer. I'm Gaemalyn," Then a smile that somewhat broke through a mask he was apparently already trying on for when he would be Aes Sedai, "What is your name?" Yes, perhaps it was this middle grown that Novices matured. Though something told her that this one might not be too accustom to fits of giggles as is.

"Nyda of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel," she replied, giving her full name. "I am Aethan'Tar." A bit of abashed pride there. Yes, she was, and had been so for much longer than most, but that had been her own doing. "Your company is welcome if your goal is not to giggling ask me how my comrades look shirtless." Another shivering memory of a milksop but highly brave novice. She looked him over again and thought better of it, thinking of her fellow female Trainees, and jested, "then again, you might. Though I would advise against telling them if it is, some are not so less than a Maiden."

Gauging for a reaction from this, his words and the way he had plopped into the chair finally clicked and she quite openly noted the cane he carried with a small frown. Perhaps it was true then and males came here to learn instead of going into the Blight because they were incapable of fighting. A quick glance of curiosity was all, then she looked back up.

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