Old, Worn Out Places
Tue Jan 9, 2007 6:21pm

Gaemalyn smiled at Nyda's vaguely sexual comment to him. What her comrades look like shirtless, hmm? he pondered a moment, briefly wallowing in the denied pleasure that was his sexuality. Then his conviction returned, and he put all such thoughts aside. Even the girls beautiful red hair was not enough to stir his mind from his devotion to the White Tower. Although he could not help registering he had always been rather fond of redheads. Gaemalyn, instead of flirting as he once might have, merely responded calmly; "I fear my devotion lies only to the White Tower. While your offer might tempt some young novices, I am past such things." Gaemalyn bowed his head slightly in respect. "Besides, women who wield the sword deserve my respect. This," Gaemalyn said, gesturing at his cane, "prevents the sword from ever being of use in my hand, but I look forward to the day that a Gaidin or Gaidar can watch my back." Gaemalyn realized he must sound terribly dull. Winking his blue eyes, he spoke in a lower tone of mocking secrecy. "Though a Gaidar would be much preferred!"

Gaemalyn regarded Nyda for a reaction, or perhaps response, but for the moment she seemed content to observe him curiously. "It may surprise you to hear that I have been to the Waste, or the Three-Fold Land, as you would have it. The Tower provides many an experience; a particularly memorable lesson brought me to your land. Tell me, do you miss the heat? Do you miss your fellow Maidens?" Gaemalyn smiled, leaning back against the chair, allowing his leg to rest. He towered his fingers, looking every inch the intellectual. "And above all, what brings you to these wet and strange lands?" He contemplated this, trying to imagine why a bright woman such as Nyda would leave her homeland to become Gaidar at the White Tower. It seemed such an obscure goal, something that Gaemalyn could not imagine entering the consciousness of the Aiel he had met. However, the numerous Aiel dotted about the Tower, both as Gaidin and Aes Sedai, proved that it was not terribly uncommon. Jalane, after all, was Aiel. He realized that perhaps leaving the Waste was much the same as leaving Mayene for him. A hasty flight of emotion and passion, oft regretted in years to come, but greatly rewarded in the full extent of ones life.

His thoughts drifted to the long ago lesson, when both his legs had strode true. He had taken this blessing utterly for granted, and now bitterly wished it back. But the Yellows had tried and tried, and still no healing came to the strange wound. Hurtful memories of his Uncle Arnolt pursuing him through Waste that the Testing created for him made him shudder slightly. Nyda, completely unaware, flashed him a strange look. He never would fully understand why her homeland had been the place his foul injury had taken place, in that strange other world that the Testing ter'angreal had created.

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