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Scratching Just Scabbing Scars
Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:23pm

A large and far more welcoming grin spread across the Aethan'Tar's lips at his return comment. Like most of her kindred she had naught any problems with sexuality -- and found most Wetlanders blushing regard for it hilarious. No, not an offer at all in truth. And if it had been taken as such, Nyda would have corrected the assumption immediately -- Accepted or no Accepted. Oh, she had more than a little love for men and had she still been a Maiden may have offered to play a game of Kiss once or twice, but her love was for the spear. But he had a sense of humor, something so many of these lands seemed to lack, and that she could also respect.

"Well put, Wetlander," she responded with a hearty laugh. "Just as long as you do not expect her to wear a dress."

Curious she was, indeed. Her interaction with Novices and Accepted had been limited to say to least, even after all those years. Most had proven to be too much of a wetlander for her or she too much an Aiel. To say the least, it had resulted in her avoiding them at all cost... which is how she had wound up here in the first place after all. Familiar with the Three-Fold Land? Not many wetlanders live to tell that tale. Many other than Peddlers, Gleemen, and the Lost Ones could. That curiosity was further provoked, but before she could shamelessly inquire Gaemalyn managed to hit an open wound with a first blow.

"The Three-Fold Land is meant to shape us," she responded slowly, "and while its reminder and lessons will always be missed, I can no longer call it home." Her nose wrinkled, "but whenever snow covers this land, it is dearly missed." Oh yes indeed. For while water in large amounts put Nyda on edge, frozen water did a worse job of it. She stilled for a moment, then added quite seriously, "I am not Far Daries Mai. I am Aethan'Tar. I hold no claim to the Maidens or any Aiel Society." Her fingers tried to stroke at her hair again, but she caught herself before the act could be committed.

Wetlanders were a prying sort and seemed at ease with asking one another such questions about themselves. It was something she was still trying to adjust to. But then again those of these lands were very odd and she had come to respect that about them. But why did she come to the Tower? Well, in truth it was a harmless inquiry in its innocence.

"I have toh," she responded simply. Then seeing that might not be enough, added, "The Gaidar is to be my warrior society." If he knew enough about her people to make it through her lands alive that should be enough to feed the hunger of the question. A warrior society held an Aiel's utmost loyalty, even in open war between clans society members would not fight each other directly. A member of an enemy clan would be invited openly to the others society tents. And the purpose of her clan to be was to protect Aes Sedai. It was as simple as that.

For a moment the Accepted seemed to wander away from her. Not physically, nay, if that leg pained as much as it looked it did he would not be going anywhere in a hurry. But mentally -- that was another matter. She tilted her head to one side, face displaying her bewilderment. There was a distant glaze to his eyes. Reminiscing perhaps? Apparently, she was not the only one that their topic of discussion had brought up matters of reflection for.

"Gaemalyn?" She asked in question, her puzzlement slipping into her voice. More questions of her own itched at the tip of her tongue, but overall concern shooed them away.

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