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Getting Closer or More Lost?
Wed Jan 10, 2007 2:59pm

Gaemalyn looked up sluggishly, dragged from his dark visions. The injury that had been dealt to him seemed final and each day was a process of learning to live with that. There was really no point in dwelling on it. Now the Testing reigned only in nightmare and passing thought. "Apologies," Gaemalyn muttered. "My mind wandered." He worked at a smile and a final shake of his head brought him from his reverie. "The Gaidar will make an honourable society. One cannot count how many Aes Sedai have been saved by their Warders." Gaemalyn shrugged coyly; "As for the dress, perhaps she can keep one in storage for festival days!" He winked again, trying to rekindle his good humour. He reclined back in his chairs. "Well now that I have randomly burst upon your quiet reading, I suppose a few questions are in order. I have already asked, so your welcome to ask yours."

Gaemalyn considered things. The girl was an odd one, as far as he could yet tell. There were obviously some shadows in her past, like there were in most members of the White Tower. She was tight lipped, and Gaemalyn knew it would take time to wear away the barriers of privacy. She seemed very different from Jalane, however, who was quiet and contemplative. Nyda seemed to have a humorous streak. Gaemalyn realized that with Jalane chasing after Zala, drawing attention to herself would probably be ill-advised. Though pillow friends among female members of the Tower were not entirely uncommon, they were certainly not accepted. Nyda seemed to lack the strange feel of Jalane, who never had expressed interest in men. Gaemalyn predicted that Nyda was probably most interested in them. Many of the Gaidin-in-training must make fine subjects for observation for her, Gaemalyn decided. It was an odd thought, lacking any envy or hope for romance. Instead he felt his own good humour bubbling back.

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    • Getting Closer or More Lost? — Accepted Gaemalyn Mithier, Wed Jan 10 2:59pm
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