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A Winter Wonderland (Attn: Anyone!!!)
Thu Feb 1, 2007 4:30pm

Snow swirled about her head, blinding her for only a moment as she looked across the training grounds. Kiani al’Jaqhar, Aes Sedai of the Green, was studying the trainees working in the fast, swirling snow. How dedicated they must be, she thought, To come out even in the snows of winter to train themselves in the art of battle. Or, she thought this with a small smile on her face, it is only the Gaidin and Gaidar who wish them to train so hard. If it were up to me, were I any other person but a Saldaean, I would be inside my rooms, warming my hands before a fire.

As it was, Kiani enjoyed being outside in the snow, where everything was a kind of very organized chaos. Each snowflake was a perfect world within itself, yet it had a place in the huge scheme of the storm. Each tiny flake made of ice crystals was different, much like every Aes Sedai and Gaidin in the Tower. However, they all worked together (for the most part, anyway) to contribute to the storm in general. It’s a good lesson to learn, she mused.

Kiani, however, was alone. She had no one—no friends, save Ty—but she hadn’t heard from him in so long that she didn’t know if there was anything still there between them. It broke her heart to think of it, but…she was Aes Sedai, after all, and needed to learn how to adjust. Typically, Greens had many Warders around them—Kiani, for all her small size and pretty features, had none. Not for lack of candidates, though. Many Gaidin, and some even younger than that, had cast her speculative looks, although whether those looks were an inquiry to share their bed or that they wanted to be a candidate for a Warder was beyond her.

Slim fingers, their tips beginning to turn red with the cold, traced lightly over the scar that sliced down her cheek. She was supposed to have Warders to protect her from getting scars like that…but no one had been able to protect her when she received that injury. She had been fighting a Darkfriend Accepted who had put up a hell of a fight and Kiani had let her guard down. Now, she was being punished for it. No matter. Right now, she was watching the trainees to see how they fared in the cold.

The sound of swords clashing on swords, even if they were bundles of sticks, fell sweetly on Kiani’s ears. She was a warrior’s daughter, no doubt about that. She looked down at the green silk covering her arms. “The Green Ajah,” she murmured. “My dream, and my burden. By taking up these colors and by wearing this ring” she looked down at the Great Serpent twining itself around the fourth finger of her left hand “I have dedicated myself to battling the shadow and never resting until it is vanquished. How can I put the burden of protecting me on such a suicide mission on anyone? The last thing I want is lives in danger. Still…”

She looked down at the training grounds contemplating the possibilities. If anyone happened to look up at her from the training grounds, they might think her insane. A small woman, though her bosom made up for her size, standing on the hill overlooking their training grounds. Not only was a woman there, but that woman had no cloak on and seemed not to feel the cold! Kiani had of course wrapped herself in a warming weave, taught to her by Menaihya Sedai. The snow had been easy enough to repel, using Air, but she liked the feel of the snowflakes on her face. Her blue-gray eyes matched the color of the sky around her and her long black hair swirled around her as the wind blew. The fabric of her green silk dress, smooth and only simply embroidered with birds on the front, pressed against her body as she stood in the cold.

Kiani studied the movements of the trainees, watching as they finished up their workout. So, even the trainees need a break, she thought. So fascinated was she by the trainees below that she didn’t hear the footsteps behind her. “Aren’t you cold?” A voice asked behind her, and Kiani glanced behind her to see who it was.

OOC: Anybody who wants to rp is welcome! I did this for fun, to try to get activity up, and to shake the dust off my fiery Aes Sedai!!! She’s a Saldaean, with a quick temper. But I would love to rp with anyone who is willing!

    • F-f-f-freezing!Tsuga Sei'Tar, Sat Feb 3 5:57am
      It was cold – there was no doubt about that. The snow swirled around them in flurries, catching in hair and occasionally sweeping into eyes. It made fighting conditions nearly impossible, but still... more
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