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Sat Feb 3, 2007 5:57am

It was cold – there was no doubt about that. The snow swirled around them in flurries, catching in hair and occasionally sweeping into eyes. It made fighting conditions nearly impossible, but still most of the trainees were out trying their best. Tsuga stood to the side, waiting her turn. On a day like today, any sane person would be inside, roasting themselves beside a blazing fire. Of course, Tsuga wasn’t precisely insane, though she did enjoy the biting cold as it stung her cheeks and played with her hair. Gaidar needed to be able to fight in all kinds of conditions, after all, so she might as well learn everything she could now.

On days like this, she cursed her wiry, muscular frame. She worked so hard on toning her muscles, but in such freezing weather, a little fat would have helped keep her warmer. As it was she felt as though she was frozen clean through. But still, she stood, brown eyes watching the proceedings, and waited her turn. Shienar ((it’s been too long since I’ve spelled that)) was anything but a forgiving country, and she was used to harsh conditions, but they were always easier to bear when one had something to do.

As the Sei’Tar watched her comrades “die” or emerge victorious, she sensed a presence to her left, and turned to see what it was. A gust of wind whipped her cloak from her hands, blowing her short, mouse-brown hair erratically. She quickly pulled her warmth back in, cursing under her breath at the wretched weather. Once she started fighting, the cloak would be, if anything, an obstruction to her movements, but again, if this were real life she likely wouldn’t have time to take it off, now would she?

When she again turned her attention to the presence she had sensed, she was able to make out a rather small (but rather well-endowed) woman in a green dress, standing in the snow up to her shins as though she were enjoying a warm summer’s day. She knew that Aes Sedai weren’t supposed to feel the weather the way normal people did, but still, that was just a bit extreme! Somewhat miffed that she, who had always considered herself to be made of sterner stuff than most, was being outdone, Tsuga spoke up, forgetting for a moment the courtesy due her superior.

“Aren’t you cold?” the Aes Sedai whirled around to face her, and only then did Tsuga wince and add with a quick bow (that did not include letting go of the edges of her cloak) added “Aes Sedai.” There went her big mouth again, working faster than her brain. The other trainees were wrapping up their session and moving on, and it was soon to be Tsuga’s turn to move into the no doubt magically cleared arena and begin her own exercises with the other Sei’Tar. But she surely had time to be reprimanded and receive a tongue-lashing – it seemed there was always time for that.

OOC: Yay, something to do! ^_^ Tsuga can be an insolent little brat, but that's mostly when she's grumpy, as she is now. Heh.

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