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Wed Oct 11, 2017 17:14

Quelques bonnes nouvelles ;)


The chosen final boss is no longer affected by how many survivors are alive. The final boss is now randomly chosen from all available bosses.
Rebalanced the Possession event to bring it more in line with other hostile events:
There are now 2 possessions per wave, down from 3
It now takes 90 seconds for a survivor to be fully possessed, up from 60
Exorcising a survivor now takes 3 seconds, down from 4
The Expelled Spirit released during an exorcism will no longer use his column attack (cone attack unaffected)
The Castle

Adjusted the spawn location of bosses to bring the difficulty of this scenario more in line with other scenarios.
Effigy Z77 Vampire will no longer cast Lord of Veins and Royal Blood consecutively.
The leech effect of Lord of Veins has been reduced by 33.33%.
Attack damage of Lord of Veins when targeting players has been reduced by 25%.
Attack damage of Lord of Veins when targeting survivors has been reduced by 87.5%.

    • Lol —  Daefea, Wed Oct 11 19:05
      bon, on n'était pas les seuls à trouver ça chelou arf sinon, ça y est, ils ont ajouté les succès pour les 4 megaboss huhu, suffisait de demander :p prochain créneau, vendredi matin ou samedi matin ?... more