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New Site Officers?
Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:57am (XFF:

So I was sitting here thinking and plotting about what I might write for the new site that Joni is whipping up and my brain went "What about officers?"

And then it went "Wait, are there going to be any changes to our current stack of officers?"

So I am posing this question to you, Joni:

Are there going to be new officers? If so, who chooses them? Can I be one? (Had to ask.)

Anyhow, I always thought it was kind of strange/rude how no member ever got notified of officer changes in WoTRP -- at least, not until they happened.


    • Just a ThoughtShurree, Tue Feb 20 10:39am
      But these are probably questions and a discussion better conducted through email instead of on the public boards since you're addressing Joni specifically. I'd email her instead:... more
      • Aah...Renee, Tue Feb 20 10:57am
        Good point! -Renee
        • Essentially...Joni, Tue Feb 20 6:15pm
          ...What Shurree said! The other site is still in its very preliminary stages, so we neither have official positions nor anyone to fill them yet. I will be asking current Officers to fill the... more
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