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Oops! *looks down ashamed*
Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:46am (XFF:

Sorry I am a little slow at this time of the day! Haha! Thanks for clearing it up Jer! Sure am going to miss this place. Never knew anywhere but the Training Grounds and I would have loved to have been raised fully but alas twas not meant to be! Anyway Jer thanks for all the times good and bad!


  • Actually...Jeremy, Mon Feb 26 3:40am Joni said earlier: 'Our plan is to start a string in a couple of weeks that will allow everyone to conclude their characters’ stories in a natural way; we’re not going to RP Tarmon Gai’don or... more
    • Oops! *looks down ashamed* — Robert, Mon Feb 26 3:46am
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