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The Final String & The New Site!
Sat Mar 10, 2007 2:25am (XFF:

Hello once again, my fine WoT RPers!

Firstly, I must thank you all for your sentiments expressed in the below string. Believe me when I say that I—and the other Officers—sympathize with you entirely. We’ve had some great memories here, and it’s quite tragic that the site has to wind down. It is time, though—and after all, the story doesn’t necessarily end here; but I’ll get to that later.

Top order of business! The Final String will be going up sometime in the next few days; you will find it on the Within the Wheel board. Essentially, there will be a general post that you can then post under in typical festival-style. The guidelines are very open for this; show us your creative talents! Things to remember:

  • Time is not an issue. You can RP within a couple months, or several years.

  • Feel free to depict your character rising through the ranks, going through their Arches, earning pins, going to the Blight, whatever is necessary. Within reason, your character can also gain real rank—become a respected Gaidin, a blademaster, a Sitter, etc. We do ask that you stay within 4th rank; anything above this should be cleared with an Officer. (Simply because we don’t want ten people deciding they’ll one day become Amyrlin, or something like that.)

  • If you want to write something with someone else in this string, go for it!

  • We do still want you to remain within the rules, so keep your characters’ stories realistic—no conquering kingdoms, defeating the Seanchan single-handedly, or becoming the second Dragon Reborn. Yadda yadda, you know this stuff. All normal rules apply.

  • Have fun!

We would like to have the string wrapped up by about June 1st. If you need to keep posting beyond that, well, we’re not going to say no—but things need to peter off by some point so that we can all move on.

Likewise, the other boards will be closed down within the next couple of days. They will stay up for a good long while, so you will have months (hopefully years) to go back and look for your old posts; I will just be posting a message at the top that announces that the board is closed and no new strings may be started. Considering activity is oh-so-low, this shouldn’t be too big of a deal. I highly recommend you go back and save all your old strings, though—you never know what might happen, and they’re great fun to go back and read in a couple years’ time. :)

You should also be aware that in the next couple of weeks, we will start taking down parts of the main site. This is for a couple reasons—one, it will no longer exist, and two, we don’t want people stealing our (or your) stuff. Some of the site will remain, but many of the ‘content’ pages such as biographies and the like will be taken down—so be sure to save whatever information you’re going to want to keep!

If want to continue to role-play in the Wheel of Time world, I can recommend a new place for you to do so: the Paths of Prophecy, at It is based around message boards like these ones, and is also in the Third Age / pre-Tarmon Gai’don setting. Kent, the webmaster, let me know that there are some administrative positions open as well, so if you would like to get involved that way, you might want to give him a shout.

Last but definitely not least, I would like to announce the launch of the new creative writing site that I and the other Officers have been slowly constructing over the last few weeks.

It is called onWords, and you can find it here: onWords (or oW for short) was created for all of us writers and readers. It does not follow the role-playing format, instead throwing open the doors for all forms of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and all those subsequent genres. Yes, there is a board for fanfiction, should you feel the itch. ;) I also hope to build a resource section over time, filled with places to get yourself published, good writing quotes, writing ideas and prompts, book and movie reviews, event listings, interesting links, and whatever else we can manage to cram in there. Building a resource like this is going to take a lot of help from the members, though—hopefully, onWords can become more of a collaborative project than the WoT RP has been.

The site’s name was a suggestion from my mother. I like ‘onWords’ because it speaks about words—that which we spend so much time crafting and manipulating to communicate our vision—and because of its seeming similarity to the word onwards, which to me resonates of my book of inspirational quotes titled, “Onwards and Upwards.” onWords truly is just that—onwards and upwards from the WoT RP, and all about words in every form. It’s also still very new, so expect it to be updated and changed regularly in the next few months!

So, take a look at onWords, join if you want, and if you have any ideas for things that should be included (maybe not right away while the site is still small, but in time), send me an email. If you have anything that can go in the writing resources section or in the links, also send me an email. With this announcement, I hereby declare that onWords’ birthday forevermore shall be March 10th!

Thus concludes this edition of Important Site Announcements. :) I hope to see you at onWords, and happy posting in the final string!

Light Bless,

Creator & Amyrlin

    • Final string has been posted!Joni, Thu Mar 29 11:48pm
      Hey all, I've posted the final string on the Within the Wheel board. Go check it out! Time to get all your last words up. :) ~Joni SBLish
    • Wow.Dennis, Fri Mar 16 4:16am
      Hey, Joni, Hey Guys! Remember me? Wow. Too bad you guys are closing the WOTRP down, but I'm glad you guys are still going to be writing at the other site. Have fun you guys! Dennis Formerly Jakob... more
      • You!Mary, Mon Apr 2 5:58pm
        I do remember you! Alas, the plans I had for our chars! Heheheh.. -Mary aka Chandralyn Sedai, Brownie p.s. I posted down below at the "Important Announcement" thread but had forgotten to include my... more
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