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Mon Apr 2, 2007 5:58pm (XFF: unknown)

I do remember you! Alas, the plans I had for our chars! Heheheh..

aka Chandralyn Sedai, Brownie

p.s. I posted down below at the "Important Announcement" thread but had forgotten to include my email in case anyone who remembers me would like to contact me, so I have it here.. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone!

  • Wow.Dennis, Fri Mar 16 4:16am
    Hey, Joni, Hey Guys! Remember me? Wow. Too bad you guys are closing the WOTRP down, but I'm glad you guys are still going to be writing at the other site. Have fun you guys! Dennis Formerly Jakob... more
    • You! — Mary, Mon Apr 2 5:58pm
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