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Looking for someone...
Thu May 17, 2007 6:47pm (XFF: unknown)

Hi guys! :D I used to frequent sites like this...but I don't really anymore. The reason I'm here is because I'm looking for someone. His name is Francis, and he used to frequent these places too. I don't remember any of his characters names, but he was from CA. If anyone knows how to get ahold of him, please let me know.


    • People from the past...Kent, Sat May 19 12:15pm
      Are you talking about the Francis that used to own the Hidden Ways, which merged with the Patterns of Time? If so, I have his e-mail, but I haven't received a response from him in quite a while.... more
      • Speaking of finding people from the past.Joanna, Mon Dec 31 2:10pm
        Hi Kent, I do not know if this will reach you but if it does I hope you are doing well. I'm just reminiscing about the Paths of Prophecy site from days past, and wanted to thank you from the bottom... more
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