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New Role Play site
Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:34pm (XFF: unknown)

A new role play site is just opening. A rough story line has been set, but willing to take sugestions on where it should go from there. It will be a constant evolving storyline and you can play a major or minor part in the site's story, or your own storyline entirely if you chose. You can currently join at any rank. Robert Jordan's character do not exist in this storyline, but you are welcome to create similar characters. Come check it out.

I'm also looking for people to take on moderator and admin duties for the site. PM Lucas Martin if you are interested in one of these roles or you have a question/sugestion.

Wheel of Time: New Generation

    • Correct LinkLucas, Thu Mar 5 12:41pm
      Just realised that the link was entered incorrectly. Sorry about the typos if anyone was trying to use the link to get to the site. Lucas
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