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Re: Time Machine (Pt 2)
Tue Oct 31, 2006 07:08 (XFF:

The Doctor just recently fixed it, sort of. Even though the temporal control unit is not built for Daleks, the parts made with it are Dalek made. While the Doctor was tinkering with it, it's possible he may have triggered something, alerting Dalek Control where the machine was. With the Magnotron, the Daleks were able to "bring it to them", and anything within a radius of however tall Jo Grant is.

  • Time Machine (Pt 2)David French, Wed Oct 25 21:06
    In Day of the Daleks , how did Jo get sent forward to the 22nd Century when the Time Machine she threatened to smash was turned off and her thumb was nowhere near the button?
    • Re: Time Machine (Pt 2) — Huntsman, Tue Oct 31 07:08
    • Ammetures!the other dave, Sat Oct 28 06:48
      Crappy rebel wiring... Can I say crappy?
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