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the other dave
knitting classes
Wed Jan 17, 2007 12:58 (XFF:

Well he is not actually wearing his coat and scarf when dealing with the Vardans, it just looks like that because thew Doctor has weaved an elaborate cloak of deception :).

  • Coat, Hat and Scarf (Part II)David French, Fri Jan 5 16:23
    When the Doctor signs the Vardan contract he is wearing his coat and scarf, but when he returns to the TARDIS they're hanging up on a coat hanger in the console room. How is this possible?
    • knitting classes — the other dave, Wed Jan 17 12:58
      • Also...Huntsmænus, Mon Jan 22 00:41
        ...he cloned the same scarves, hats and coats many times, just in case...
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