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the other dave
three answers
Thu Feb 1, 2007 05:46 (XFF:

1, The time war caused all sorts of causality fallout hence they could both somehow cross timesstreams - contravening the first law (at some point the 9th Dr notes one his people had rules to stop this kind of thing, but now...)

2, The eruption at Krakatoa was rather large (that being the point - they could've both witnessed it without actually coming into contact with each other.

3, The Doctor suggests to the Brigadier that he was there during the eruption, Clive suggests that hwas washed up after the erruption - one could've left as the other arrived...

4, Given the Bilinovich Effect seems to result in a kind of temperal explosion - who says this didn't happen during the erruption (like anyone would notice). If fact who says that in the Doctor Who universe Krakatoa was in fact a volcanic erruption at all - it my just be assume by the humans to be?

  • KrakatoaDavid French, Sat Jan 27 15:33
    The Third Doctor tells the Brigadier in Inferno that he has been to Krakatoa in the 19th Century. Now, this adventure must take place in either the First or Second Doctor's time streams, yet the... more
    • Re: KrakatoaHuntsman, Sun Jan 28 00:27
      It's quite possible the Doctor has had multiple visits there for completely different reasons...
      • Re: KrakatoaDoctor Who (The New Zealand One), Sun Jan 28 06:25
        Wouldn't the Blinovitch Limitation Effect prevent that from happening though?
        • What about the Two, Three and Five Doctors?Huntsman, Sun Jan 28 23:21
          This effect is cancelled due to him being a Time Lord. Just because he might've been at a location in the same time zone, doesn't mean they were in the same places. Several events could've been going ... more
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