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"Where's Mickey?"
Sun Mar 25, 2007 22:47 (XFF:

At the end of The Age of Steel, Jackie asks Rose where Mickey is. How did she know that Mickey had gone travelling with the Doctor and Rose, as she wasn't involved in the school adventure.

    • Oh, Mickey!Jamas Enright, Wed Mar 28 20:56
      Between "Girl in the Fireplace" and "Rise of the Cybermen", Rose rang her mum and happened to mention that she was showing Mickey around her personal area...
    • Re: "Where's Mickey?"Huntsmænus, Mon Mar 26 00:25
      After the events of Aliens of London and World War III, Mickey and Jackie's relationship changed. Evolved? Maybe more. It is safe to assume that they might've stayed in contact more after episode 5... more
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