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I dunno. Go ask Ian Marter...
Mon Mar 26, 2007 00:29 (XFF:

...ok, terrible joke.

I don't remember. However, I did have that Target book. I read it once. To be honest, I didn't really enjoy Ian's style of writing. I felt he left gobs of dialogue out. And I can't go back and reread it, due to the fact that 98% of all my Target novels(I almost had them all)were destroyed...

...the cat peed on them. I had to put the books in my shed at the time, and somehow, stray cats and my cats got in and peed on them, marking their territory.


  • "Goodbye Mr Rutlidge"David French, Sun Mar 25 22:15
    Ignoring the scene that was never recorded but turns up in the Target novel, what happened to Billy Rutlidge after his visit to Vaughn's office?
    • I dunno. Go ask Ian Marter... — Huntsmænus, Mon Mar 26 00:29
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