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Kaled mutant experimentation room
Sat Sep 29, 2007 14:05 (XFF:

After the Doctor sets the explosives in the Kaled Mutant Experimentation Area and exits with said Kalekd mutant wrapped around his neck, why does he call for Sarah? Harry is there, too, attending to splicing the wires for detenation. Why would the Doctor call Sarah's name out first, when it's Harry who should be the obvious choice to remove a yucky mutant choking the Doctor's neck. Placing as female in such danger is very reckless...


    • Re: Kaled mutant experimentation roomDavid French, Sun Nov 4 13:14
      Sarah was the one who went to check up on the Doctor; when the latter came out of the room, she was the first person he spotted and so naturally he called out to her since she was the closer to him... more
      • Re: Kaled mutant experimentation roomHuntsman, Sun Dec 23 13:49
        So, Harry was crouching behind Sarah like a little girl? ;) btw, I like the Moral of the Day...
        • Day of the MoralsDavid French, Mon Dec 24 19:31
          Starring Dame Celia Volestrangler. ;-) I've had that moral for a while. I must remember to change it with something else. Off-topic, but we need to start using this place a bit more than we have been ... more
          • Re: Day of the MoralsHuntsman, Tue Jan 1 01:24
            Well, there are many other places people and fans go to ask questions such as these. Many, many forums. Not to get too off-topic, I just discovered that the Doctor Who Discussion Page or Forum was... more
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