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Day of the Morals
Mon Dec 24, 2007 19:31 (XFF:

Starring Dame Celia Volestrangler. ;-)

I've had that moral for a while. I must remember to change it with something else.

Off-topic, but we need to start using this place a bit more than we have been this year.

  • Re: Kaled mutant experimentation roomHuntsman, Sun Dec 23 13:49
    So, Harry was crouching behind Sarah like a little girl? ;) btw, I like the Moral of the Day...
    • Day of the Morals — David French, Mon Dec 24 19:31
      • Re: Day of the MoralsHuntsman, Tue Jan 1 01:24
        Well, there are many other places people and fans go to ask questions such as these. Many, many forums. Not to get too off-topic, I just discovered that the Doctor Who Discussion Page or Forum was... more
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MORAL OF THE DAY: "There we are. Well, what do you think?"