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Not to mention his pirogue...
Sun Apr 20, 2008 13:12 (XFF:

The Doctor is wearing a special shoe/boot that Romana brought with her from Gallifrey. It has the power to change its' outward appearance to suit the enviorment. Also, being in possession of 4 of the 6 pieces to the KtT might also be an influence...

  • If it weren't for your Gumboots...David French, Sun Apr 20 00:14
    How does the Doctor manage to change his footwear from Wellingtons/Waders [delete non-applicable] to ordinary boots so quickly throughout The Power of Kroll ?
    • reYOA, Mon Aug 17 23:23
      Holo-boots, ala "Time and the Doctor". They flipped back and forth as per the situation.
    • Not to mention his pirogue... — Huntsman, Sun Apr 20 13:12
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