Black Isle YOUNGs
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I was not going to bother with the family of Ann YOUNG who married a HOG* before heading off to the antipodies but I got curious. Seems like Ann's mother was Elizabeth (Elspet) SUTHERLAND who married John YOUNG - though not untill after Ann was born.
Elizabeth seems to have stayed aroutb Black Isle but where her husband was from 1841 onwards I do not know. May have been killed at sea.

IGI – Ann YOUNG born 14 Aug 1827 bap. 1 Aug 1828 to John YOUNG & Elspet SUTHERLAND, Avoch, Ross & Cromarty batch 7607624
IGI – Ann YOUNG or SUTHERLAND born Aug 1828 bap. 6 Aug 1828 to John YOUNG & Elspet SUTHERLAND, Avoch, Ross & Cromarty, batch C110592.
IGI – John YOUNG married Elspet SUTHERLAND 23 Jun 1832, Avoch, Ross & Cromarty, batch M110594.
IGI – John YOUNG married Elspet SUTHERLAND 25 Jun 1832, Avoch, Ross & Cromarty, batch 7609839.
IGI – Jean YOUNG born 21 Oct 1835, bap., 29 Oct 1835 to John YOUNG & Elspet SUTHERLAND, Avoch, Ross & Cromarty, batch 7607624.

1841 census for Avoch village
All supposedly in the same Household, all born Ross & Cromarty:
Alex SEITH 7 Fisher
Esther SEITH 35
David SEITH 26 Fisher
James REID 40 Boat Builder
Janes REID 39
Charles REID 2
Catherine REID 1
John WILLISON 70 Labourer
Margaret WILLISON 56 Dumb
Janet JACK 60
Janet JACK 20
Elspet YOUNG age 35 Net Maker
Ann YOUNG age 13
Margaret YOUNG age 10
Isabella COMER 51
Isabella COMER 15
Jemma DENON 10

1851 census, Urquhart, Ross & Cromarty
Elizabeth YOUNG age 46 Head, Occupation At Day's Wayes, born Avoch, Rosssh.
( I cannot access the original but guess that “wayes” might be “wages”)

1861 census, Urquhart, Ross & Cromarty
Elizabeth YOUNG age 56 Head Occupation Domestic Servant, born Avoch, Rossshire

1871 census, Urquhart, Ross & Cromarty
Elspet YOUNG age 67 Head, Occupation General Servant, born Avoch, Ross-Shire

1881 census, Lowbine, Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty
(this may be wrong Elizabeth as it gets weird hereafter)
Duncan CAMRON age 42, Head, Occupation Farmer of 54 acres, born Contin G, Rossshe
Isabella CAMRON age 42 Wife, born Urquhart G, Rossshe
Kenneth CAMRON age 10
John CAMRON age 9
Donald CAMRON age 7
Ann CAMRON age 4
Alexr CAMRON age 3
Duncan CAMRON age 10m
Elizabeth YOUNG age 78, Aunt, born Avoch G, Rossshe
Adam ROSS age 18 Farm Servant born Rosskeen, Rossshe

IGI has Marriage Duncan CAMERON to Isabella YOUNG 24 May 1870, Inverness, Batch M110981.

1851 census Urquhart, Ross & Cromarty (Urquhart & Logie Wester is 8 miles NE of Beauly opposite Dingwall)
John YOUNG age 44 Head Farmer of 50 acres born Avoch, Rosssh
Jean YOUNG age 40 Wife born Urquhart, Rosssh
Jess YOUNG age 14 Daur born Urquhart, Rosssh
Isabella YOUNG age 11 Daur born Urquhart, Rosssh
Margaret YOUNG age 4 Daur born Urquhart, Rosssh
David FRASER age 18 Servant Occupation Farm Servant born Maryburgh, Rosssh
Donald GORDON age 14 Servant Occupation Farm Servant born Culbokie, Rosssh

But how does this John YOUNG born in Avoch in about 1806 relate to the John YOUNG who married Elspet SUTHERLAND in 1832 and then was not heard of again?
The IGI has a marriage of John YOUNG to a Jane GORDON 28 Feb 1844 Urquhart and Logie Wester, Ross & Cromarty, batch M110844. But John YOUNG is quite a common name.
John YOUNG married Jean YOUNG 25 Dec 1840, Killearnan, batch 7612816
(so maybe the “Aunt” relationship in 1881 was not to John YOUNG but to his wife Jean YOUNG)
(Killearnan is a little place on Beauly Firth, church is 3 miles East of Muir of Ord station)


  • Richard HOG*Bryan, Sat Mar 21 10:30am
    Thought I'd check for Richard in 1841 and this seems to be him. 1841 census for Scotland, High Street, Rosemarkie, Ross & Cromarty Richard HAGARTY age 16 Occupation AP He was in the household of John ... more
    • Black Isle YOUNGs — Bryan, Sun Mar 22 11:32am
      • Re: Black Isle YOUNGsAnonymous, Sun May 8 5:34am
        Hi Bryan, I made a comment earlier today about the 1841 census listed above having mistakes in it. The comment I made about the people actually not all living in the same house was correct but I... more
      • 1841 census AvochAnonymous, Sun May 8 1:41am
        Hi, There are a few errors in that 1841 Avoch census record. I have the original from Scotlands People and you can also check on the Free Census Project Online where the people are divided up into... more
        • Re: 1841 census AvochAnonymous, Sun May 8 5:36am
          Sorry I should have said the correct name is Leith not Seith in the census.
      • john younggreg smith, Tue Mar 19 7:41am
        John young who married elsbeth sutherland was a shoemaker in avoch and is buried in the church yard on the hill above the town. He was my great grt grt grt grandfather. He died in the early 1840s. A... more
      • Re: Black Isle YOUNGsgreg smith, Fri Mar 8 6:49am
        John young..who married elsbet sutherland is buried in the church yard above avoch. From memory he died abt 40 around 1833.
      • Greg SMITH & Black Isle HOGsBryan, Mon Mar 23 10:51am
        I had a feeling that I'd heard of HOG* people coming from the Black Isle before. I did a search (bottom right of the page) for "Black Isle" and came across this old entry into the Guestbook by Greg... more