Judith Henderson
Heston Hall Hogarths
Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:45pm

I have been reading the information I have of the Heston
Hogarths and I am wondering whether this information might
throw some light on the matter. Constance Victorine Hogarth's great grand father was Henry Spence Hogarth of Rickmansworth, Herts. and also of Ford Place, Stifford,
Essex. He paid his game licence in 1801 on Stifford Powder Tax returns 1795 - 1797, he married Lucy Baker of Michael's Grove, Brompton Middlesex she was buried at Stifford.
I will be wonderful to know where we fit into the Hogarth Family Tree!

    • Heston HOGsBryan, Tue Jul 21 11:43pm
      IGI has an entry for marriage of Henry Spence HOGARTH to Lucy BAKER 8 Oct 1785, Pinner, London. It is a submitted record and they are suspect but since it has a firm date it may be a true record of... more
      • Heston HogarthsSandra, Thu Jun 23 9:57am
        I am a descendant of Henry Spence Hogarth of Rickmansworth. I have read several wills of the family now which clearly links him to George Alexander Hogarth Apothecary Bristol. Although his father... more
        • Heston HogarthsSandra, Thu Jun 23 9:59am
          Sorry I should have made it clearer that George Alexander Hogarth is a son of Henry Spence Hogarth and brother of Rev John Henry Hogarth.
      • Heston HogarthsJudith Henderson, Wed Jul 29 9:47pm
        Hello Bryan, Thank you for your information, it confirms a lot of what I have, there is a connection between Ford Place, Stifford and Heston Hall, Constance Victorine's father John Rayer Hogarth... more