Hoggart/h in Victoria
Sun Dec 20, 2009 11:45pm

Hi Bryan
Email me and I will send a report on all I have on them. It starts with William born 1814 Avoch, Ross & Cromarty

Merry Christmas
Kaye Halls

  • Richard HogarthLance Hogarth, Sun Dec 20 9:32pm
    Bryan Are you able to provide contact details for Kaye. I'm keen to hear more of the Willam and Richard Hogarth, Vic Australia Link. Once again many thanks for your assistance. Regards Lance Hogarth... more
    • Hoggart/h in Victoria — Kaye Halls, Sun Dec 20 11:45pm
      • Lance & Kaye contactBryan, Mon Dec 21 12:17am
        Kaye I do not know what your email is. I looked up Lance's email from his entry into the guest book back in March 2009 and it was l.w.hogarthōxtra.co.nz This is slightly modified to stop webots using ... more
        • Lance & Kaye contactRod, Mon Dec 21 8:39pm
          Hiya Bryan, If a contributor's name is shown in yellow at the top of a post, it means they've elected to show their email address - having ticked the "Show email address?" box. Thus, clicking on any... more
          • Email addressesBryan, Tue Dec 22 10:27pm
            Ta for the info Rod. Glad to see you're still with us. Merry Solstice etc. Lance & Kaye - It is Rod who does the geographically dispersed site family trees generally. Up to now I have only done the... more
        • William Ross Hoggart / Richard HoggartLance Hogarth, Mon Dec 21 4:28am
          Bryan Again many thanks Kaye has contacted me and sent thru her information which is significant in detail and i suspect it would sit well on you family tree page, I have sugested to her that she... more