Bryan Hoggarth
Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:40am

Over the years we have had a few messages in the Guestbook related to Haiti. Quite likely by relatives who know each other. The Guestbook is not a useful place to have a "chat" so I've brought it over here to the Noticeboard where people can provide responses.

Entries in the Guestbook related to Haiti.

2000 - Victor HOGARTH, born in Haiti. His father is Henry Albert HOGARTH

2002 Jul-Dec - Laurie KOVACS (nee HOGARTH?). Her dad was born in Haiti and his dad "left England". Laurie's dad had 8 siblings.

2004 - Maurice HOGARTH, living in Haiti.

2013 - Henry HOGARTH. Ancestors supposed to have come from North of England or Scotland in late 1800s and went to the USA and then to Haiti.

In the latest Guestbook entry Henry mentions thoughts of DNA testing to try to find out where his ancestors came from. Autosomal tests, which seem to be being pushed at the moment, will only give a vague idea of where ones hundreds of ancestors came from and probably could not even say if he had ancestors from Britain rather than just "Northern Europe". What can be done is to take a YDNA test which will show the DNA which is passed from father to son. Several male HOG(G)ARTHs have had this done and if there is a good match then there is definitely a common male ancestor within historical times.
Check out current results here:

As the HOGARTH who went to Haiti went first to the USA it is unlikely that any records will be found in Britain unless someone has some old letters tucked away in the proverbial Shoebox.
From what little I know of Haiti's history I expect records there have probably not survived well.

I did see this comment "After a succession of dictatorships, a bankrupt Haiti accepted a U.S. customs receivership from 1905 to 1941. Occupation by U.S. Marines from 1915 to 1934 brought stability."

So I'd guess that this ancestor called HOGARTH may well have moved to Haiti around 1905 and was likely to be some sort of diplomat or civil servant or a soldier. USA records might have lists of the people who the USA government sent to Haiti.

Alternately the ancestral HOGARTH may have been a member of some religion and went there earlier than 1905.


    • Hogartmarielyn B Hogarth, Tue Jan 13 7:16pm
      The Hogarth arrived in Haiti way before 1905.I beleive the one who came was a Minister from the Methodist Church.